Student-led TCC Publications Win Multiple State, Regional Awards

FORT WORTH, Texas — Two Tarrant County College student-led publications — The Collegian, the College’s newspaper, and Roots & Reflections, the literary and arts magazine from TCC Trinity River — won multiple awards at the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association convention, April 11-13 in San Marcos.

Roots & Reflections, 2023, Vol. 4

Roots & Reflections won 12 TIPA awards, including first place for overall excellence and another first for overall design. One judge praised what she called a beautiful and thoughtful presentation.

English Professor Jerrica Jordan, the publication’s co-adviser, said that to receive so many recognitions, especially two first places in writing, was amazing. The publication’s other co-adviser, art Professor Janae Corrado, said the results energized her.


“Self-Portrait,” by Raya-Giselle
“Redemption,” Digital Art, by Alejandro Rivera
“Rome in Fog,” Photograph by Thien Nguyen
“Castillo en el Cielo,” Photography by Lisbeth Villalpando


“It’s one thing to get your art published in a campus magazine,” she said, “but to have your designs beat schools across the state is exhilarating for the Roots & Reflections staff and for us as their mentors!”

Editor-in-chief Hope Smith was named Two-Year Reporter of the Year among all two-year student journalists in Texas.


Illustrator TJ Favela won the live editorial cartoon contest for the second consecutive year in a contest that featured both two-year and four-year contestants from across the state.


Dominick Martinez and Alex Hoben react to the announcement that they won first place in the Live Two-Person Photo Essay competition, which included students from both two-year and four-year colleges across the state.


Campus editor Fousia Abdullahi was the sole recipient of the Fred Stewart Community College Scholarship, a $2,000 award.


The Collegian collected 32 honors, including Best Newspaper in its division. Outgoing editor-in-chief Hope Smith was named Two-Year Reporter of the Year while incoming editor-in-chief Fousia Abdullahi was the sole winner of a statewide scholarship for community college media students.

Smith said she couldn’t be prouder of the student journalists she worked alongside and of their receiving so many accolades. The Collegian also was a finalist in four categories in the regional Society of Professional Journalists competition, including Best All-Around Student Newspaper.

Student Publications Director Chris Whitley said the recognition was gratifying, considering how hard the staff members work week in and week out to inform the TCC community.

“The students on The Collegian staff are creative, passionate, curious, energetic people,” he said, “and I am proud to be in their company.”

Roots & Reflections TIPA Awards

1st place, Overall Excellence for Magazines (all divisions)

1st place, Overall Design for Literary Magazines (all divisions)

1st place, Designer of the Year for Two-Year Schools: Alejandro Rivera

1st place, Literary Writing: Jenna-Anisa Gonzalez, “Beautiful Night Drifting Amongst the Stars”

1st place, Feature Writing: Alexandria Lopez, “Behind Closed Doors”

2nd place, Magazine Story Package Design: Mary Maturo

2nd place, Illustration: Giselle Raya, “Self-Portrait”

2nd place, Feature Photo: Lisbeth Villalpando, “Castello in el Cielo”

3rd place, Literary Writing: Dominic Mangiocco, “Under the Water Tower”

3rd place, Literary Magazine Cover Design: Alejandro Rivera and Lisbeth Villalpando

Honorable Mention, Environmental Portrait: Thien Nguyen, “Rome in Fog”

Honorable Mention, Photo Illustration: Alejandro Rivera, “Redemption”


The Collegian TIPA Awards

1st place, Overall Excellence, Newspaper

1st place, Best in Show, Newspaper

1st place, Two-Year Reporter of the Year: Hope Smith

1st place, General News: Alex Hoben

1st place, Breaking News: Hope Smith

1st place, In-Depth Reporting: Hope Smith

1st place, Headline Writing: Alex Hoben, Hope Smith, Dominick Martinez

1st place, Breaking News Photo: Joel Solis

1st place, Feature Photo: Alex Hoben

1st place, Photo Illustration: Alex Hoben

1st place, Static Information Graphic: Dominick Martinez

1st place, Feature Page Design: Hannah Seese

1st place, Live contest – Editorial Cartoon: TJ Favela

1st place, Live contest – Two-Person Photo Essay: Alex Hoben, Dominick Martinez

2nd place, In-Depth Reporting: Alex Hoben

2nd place, Multimedia Slideshow: Alex Hoben

2nd place, Editorial Cartoon: TJ Favela

2nd place, Illustration: Markus Meneses

2nd place, Opinion Page Design: Alex Hoben

3rd place, Overall Excellence, Website

3rd place, Overall Design, Website

3rd place, Multimedia Slideshow: Alex Hoben

3rd place, General News Photo: Alex Hoben

3rd place, Feature Photo: Alex Hoben

3rd place, Environmental Portrait: Alex Hoben

3rd place, Feature Page Design: Hannah Seese

Honorable Mention, Overall Design, Newspaper

Honorable Mention, General Column: Nina Banks

Honorable Mention, Critical Review: Xavier Boatner

Honorable Mention, Illustration: Markus Meneses

Honorable Mention, Live contest – Sports Action Photo: Alex Hoben

Fousia Abdullahi, Fred Stewart Community College Scholarship, $2,000


Regional Society of Professional Journalists Honors


Finalist, Best All-Around Student Newspaper

Finalist, Best Affiliated Website

Finalist, General News Photography: Alex Hoben

Finalist, Illustration: Markus Meneses


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