Spotlight on Student Services: Senior Career Advisor, Martin Pham

The Advising and Counseling office at TCC Northwest provides services to guide, support, and enable students to be successful. In addition to connecting students to support services to help them complete their degree program, Career Advisors help students define academic and career goals.   

For students who encounter difficulties along their educational journeys, Senior Career Advisors work to get them back on track.  Their primary role is to work with students on academic suspension and dismissal.  Martin Pham, Senior Career Advisor, works closely with these cases, stating “we understand that these students have not been successful, so we work closely with them to figure out what caused them not to do well.  Quite often, students are not successful because of non-academic reasons.  They are either working too much, have too many responsibilities, or have unexpected life situations happen to them.”    

With this in mind, Senior Career Advisors meet with students to create an academic success plan, providing guidelines and resources to assist students in achieving their goals.  To support this cause, Senior Career Advisors work with departments across the campus, including Student Accessibility Resources, the Veteran Services Center, the Transfer Center, Dual Credit, Student Activities, Academic Affairs, Financial Aid, Admissions and Registrar’s offices, and Testing Services.  Pham states “we collaborate with multiple offices and programs to ensure students are getting the support they need in all areas of their life.”      

Pham enjoys helping students find their pathway in life and is proud to work with the Northwest Team.  When reflecting on his time at TCC, he shared that he enjoys collaborating with faculty and staff to promote student success, stating “there is a reason why people stay at TCC.  We get to work with people who genuinely care about others and help them be better people.”