New Coordinator of Intercultural Network

TCC provides students with the opportunity to participate in a variety of programs and services through the Intercultural Network. The Intercultural Network staff strives to create a welcoming, safe, inclusive and collaborative learning environment for students to engage with peers, faculty and staff. The program offers events, mentoring, connections to resources and individualized support services to promote student retention and completion.

When connecting with services through the Intercultural Network on TCC Northwest, students work closely with new coordinator Jasmine Quezada, who provides support throughout all phases of their academic journey. Quezada enjoys “working with students daily and serving as a resource to help them engage, connect, and feel like they belong at TCC.”

Programming is guided by five principles – Academic Support, Social and Emotional Support, Career Competency Development, Leadership Skills Development, and Personal Growth and Development. The Network leverages college and community resources to support students in achieving their academic goals.

The Network’s space on campus also provides students with resources such as a computer lab, printing services, snacks, student pantry and a study space. Quezada is committed to supporting students by providing necessary resources such as coaching, guidance and mentoring to help students achieve their academic and life goals. She promotes cultural diversity, important in a college setting where students come from so many backgrounds and have the opportunity to learn about different cultures. “Diversity makes us realize that we each bring something to learn from each other and it makes us feel like we belong,” she said

Quezada highlighted two events during the fall semester that were significant to students – Midterm Relief with Meditation and College Health Nutrition. Both events had high student participation and offered students opportunities to relax and learn about self-care and well-being during stressful college situations.