Northwest Campus Kicks Off Hispanic Heritage Month

Mariachi band performs
The Northside High School Mariachi Band performs at NW Campus’ Hispanic Heritage Month Kickoff.

Hispanic Heritage Month may be winding down, but the memories of food, fun, and fandangos still linger. We hope you had a chance to attend one of the Hispanic Heritage Month events on your campus, or perhaps you were able take in an art exhibit, sit in on a seminar or hear a guest speaker to learn more about Hispanic culture.

Northwest Campus opened their events in September with a Hispanic Heritage Month Kickoff, featuring live music from the Northside High School Mariachi Band and free food for those who attended. We received a video of the event from Northwest Campus Media Manager and all-around audio/visual guru Chip Cosgrove. Check out the video on our TCC Trailblazers YouTube channel to see if you can spot yourself there, or to see what you missed so you can make plans for next year.

Thumbnail for NW Hispanic Heritage month video
Click image to see video.