Students Talked; Northwest Campus Listened

Banner in Library
A banner in the Northwest Campus Library informs students about the increase in computer stations.

They say that the squeaky wheel gets the grease, although I’m not sure who “they” are, and I’m fairly certain that most modern wheels are packed with self-lubricating bearings. Clichés aside, faculty and staff at Northwest Campus asked students to sound off about improvements they’d like to see around campus, and then they acted on those recommendations. Here are some of them.

More Computers and Laptop Stations

When you need to do some research for a paper that’s due tomorrow, nothing’s more frustrating than waiting for a computer to open up in the library, especially if the guy who walked in right before you took the last spot to play Minecraft. Students asked for more stations to help them utilize the library’s online resources and databases, and Northwest Campus increased the number to 108 desktop computers and 28 laptops, almost doubling the amount from five years ago.

Extended Bookstore Hours

When you put in those extra hours at the library, you might have trouble hitting the bookstore when it’s open. The bookstore extended its evening hours and now offers Saturday hours, as well. It also expanded its inventory of used books to help keep costs at a minimum.

A Better Place to Hang Out

You can’t study all of the time. Even the most diligent student needs to unwind every once in a while. Students asked for a better place to get together, and Northwest Campus completely renovated the Student Center Game Room and Media Center with new furniture and updated electronics. Now students can enjoy a game of pool, surf the web, or just sit back and talk, the way they used to do it in ancient times.

More Options and Healthier Choices in the Café

So you’ve studied, you’ve socialized, and now you need to balance it out with some brain food to get going again. The revamped Water’s Edge Café now features an expanded menu with more healthy choices. The hours were also expanded to help those of you rushing from work to school. Don’t worry; you can still indulge in the unhealthy pleasure of a cheeseburger or a pizza, if you insist.

An Easier Path to a Bachelor’s Degree

Although we hate to see you go, we know that many of you plan to transfer to a four-year university after your time at TCC. Students asked for an easier transition toward their bachelor’s degrees, and Northwest Campus improved the University Transfer Center, where students can meet one-on-one with advisors from area universities to streamline the transfer process.

A Safer Path to Class

You can’t take advantage of all of these improvements if you never make it inside. In response to students’ requests to feel safer on campus, Northwest Campus added more emergency phones, expanded student parking areas, installed better parking-lot lighting, and increased the number of maps around campus.

If you notice something around your campus that needs a little improvement, then speak up, or squeak up. You could be a catalyst for a better student experience for everyone.