WCTS: Only and Lonely

What’s the matter, WCTS? Why so glum? You’re lonely? Well, little wonder. Your companions of more than 40 years have fallen—literally—by the wayside. WDAM was the first to go, demolished in 2021. Then it was WSTU this past summer, and WTLO (your next-door neighbor) was scheduled to be history by Dec. 22. All your tenants, except for Horticulture, have resettled in NW05, and they’re departing just before the winter break, leaving you all alone. 

But not for long. 

You’ll undergo a four-week asbestos abatement process starting Jan. 2, followed by four weeks of demolition and two weeks of site restoration. After that, all that will be left of the four original Northwest Campus buildings will be memories. 

Meanwhile, in late October, TCC’s Board of Trustees gave the green light for work to begin on NW02 and NW03, the last two major building blocks of the campus redevelopment program. Work, such as excavation, foundations, underground utilities, and slabs, was set to start for NW02 on Nov. 7 and for NW03 on Jan. 3. 

With these projects underway, the end of the redevelopment will literally be in sight. The timetable for “substantial completion” of both buildings is October 2025. However, substantial completion means that there still will be plenty to do before faculty and staff actually move in. That won’t happen until early 2026. 

By that time, WCTS, you and your buddies will be long gone—but certainly not forgotten.