Success at Work: Anthony Angulo

In life, often the best-laid plans change. Such was the case for Anthony Angulo. In 2012, he enrolled at TCC, planning to play collegiate soccer when he transferred to Hill College. Unfortunately, he sustained a career-ending injury in 2013. He admits to not having a clear purpose for attending college because nothing interested him at that time.

Anthony returned to Fort Worth, where he worked in the automotive industry for five years. That led to feeling burned out. However, when he started exercising at a performance center, he “discovered human performance was an amazing field to be in.”

In 2018, Anthony returned to TCC, but he faced a 1.8 GPA. “I was determined to recover,” he said, “and upon obtaining my associate degree, I finished with an impressive 3.7 GPA.”

Anthony’s hard work paid dividends. “It was great to see after all the hard work, I was able to be on the Dean’s List in 2019.”

What kept him going during the tough days? “It was the determination not to give up anymore. That was the common denominator for me when life wasn’t going the way I wanted, he said, it was the determination not to give up anymore,” he said. “That was the common denominator for me when life wasn’t going the way I wanted. It gave me the GRIT to push through those long days from working a full-time job and doing a full-time school schedule. Could there have been an easier way? Sure. Would I change how I did it? In some ways yes, but it made me the person I am today! It gave me skills such as time organization, setting boundaries, being strategic and planning my day, and seeing how hard work does pay off!”

He said he decided to “take the leap of faith and leave my career in the automotive industry to pursue my dream of becoming a physical therapist.” He worked at two different physical therapy clinics and pulled overnight shifts as a vendor for a bread company to sustain his financial commitment. “Fortunately, TCC had all the courses I needed at various times due to my schedule.” He took classes at five campuses: Connect, Northeast, South, Southeast, and Trinity River. “Working full-time and being a full-time student helped me access the necessary classes at different locations and times. I had faith and trust in the process as I knew one day it would all be worth it.”

Anthony says he appreciates the welcoming environment of TCC. “Returning as an older student, seeing the diverse community in Tarrant County helped me overcome that hurdle.” He participated in the Men of Color Collaborative at TCC. “I attended the 33rd Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU) Conference and volunteered at multiple events, allowing me to network within our community,” he said. “This experience helped me communicate within our community to better understand how I could contribute.”

At TCC, not only did Anthony find support through the Men of Color Collaborative, he also found it in the form of John Wiggins, who teaches in TCC’s Physical Therapist Assistant program. When they met during a volunteer day at TCC, Wiggins offered information about the program to Anthony. He also shared his experiences and perspectives, which helped guide Anthony in the right direction for his educational and career goals.

After graduating from TCC in 2020 with his Associate of Arts in Kinesiology and Exercise Science, Anthony transferred to The University of Texas at Arlington, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science.

He now works as a patient experience coordinator for APEC Medical Service, a performance trainer for APEC Performance Training, and a regional coordinator for the Adaptive Foundation. As a performance trainer, he works
“with all populations from youth to professional athletes, adult fitness, rehabilitation patients, and adaptive amputee athletes.”

Anthony still plans to become a physical therapist. He is currently applying for the 2024 cycle.

His advice for those considering coming to TCC and may doubt they can accomplish their goals? “It is normal to feel fear; however, true courage lies in the determination to persist despite it. Embrace failure as a source of valuable lessons. My most significant experiences were born out of trial and error,” he said.

Additionally, Anthony says, “Don’t let anyone determine your value. Having transitioned from a field I disliked, I am now engaged in the human performance sector, collaborating with amputees, youth, professional athletes, and adult fitness and rehabilitation patients. It begins with a vision, and it’s within your power to bring it to life!

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