Spotlight on Student Services: Northwest’s success coaches

At TCC, a Success Coach is oftentimes the first point of connection for students who are beginning the registration process.  The Advising and Counseling Office offers support by providing Success Coaches to meet and collaborate with students to help them achieve their academic and personal goals. 

The main job functions of a Success Coach are providing support to students in completing the TCC Application, sharing the New-To-College Checklist with students and providing assistance with submitting test scores, transcripts, diplomas and any other documentation to help students transition into college.

Alexis Smith, a full-time Success Coach at TCC Northwest, said that Success Coaches have the best title in the department.

“We are truly geared towards the success of the student and act as mentors for the students we serve,” Smith said. “When meeting with students, the topics we focus on are educational goals, personal goals, and career goals. We try our best to talk with students to get insight as to what they are interested in so we can provide the best resources available to them.” 

Students entering TCC receive support from Success Coaches during the initial registration process and throughout each phase of their educational journey.  To ensure student needs are met,  Success Coaches work with a team of support professionals including Academic Advisors and Counselors committed to serving students in the best way possible by providing resources within TCC and in the community. 

“The best thing about my position is the initial conversations I get to have with students,” Smith said. “I am able to talk with students about their aspirations and meet them exactly where they are. I am able to motivate and encourage them in their pursuits, and it is always refreshing to see a student who is nervous about college completely loosen up and be excited about starting their academic career at TCC after meeting with a Success Coach.”

One engagement project the Success Coaches implemented this year was a program called “Don’t Worry, Be (Yonce)”. This program debuted during Women’s History Month, and Success Coaches presented information on influential women in history to highlight how all women have something to contribute to the world. Since it was Women’s History Month, the Success Coaches decided to do an all-pink theme and feature disco balls, candy and snacks at the event.  During the event, students were able to write something they loved about themselves that they contribute to the world and posted it on a pink star.