Franklin University offers tuition discounts to TCC students, employees

Tarrant County College graduates – past and future – may be able to reap significant savings on a four-year degree thanks to a discount program offered through Franklin University, one of the largest private universities in Ohio.

Franklin University is offering a 10% discount on tuition and free books to TCC students and alumni interested in earning a degree at the four-year school. Tuition is currently $398 per credit hour for undergraduate students, $670 for graduate students and $748 for students pursuing a doctorate.

And the offer of a tuition discount is not limited to TCC students.

Staff and faculty are eligible to receive a 15% tuition discount for undergraduate and graduate programs, and a 10% discount on doctoral programs, as per the articulation agreement. Additional benefits include a free first undergraduate course and free faculty development courses for TCC employees.

The discount will apply to in-person and online degree programs at Franklin University. This agreement recognizes both institutions as active educational partners committed to providing greater educational opportunities and services for students transferring between institutions.

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