TCC Northwest ready to welcome students for Fall 2021

There’s lots going on at TCC Northwest this summer, and it’s not just the construction.

To be sure, the campus is in the midst of a $320 million redevelopment project, but President Zarina Blankenbaker wants to make certain that former and new students enrolling for the fall semester enjoy the same level of teaching, learning and student services for which TCC is known. Accordingly, she has marshalled her faculty and staff into teams whose members will guide students from the moment they enter the campus.

“I want students to know that the Northwest campus is excitedly opening our doors for them this August,” she said. “Their positive, in-person learning experience during the Northwest redevelopment is at the forefront of all of our efforts this summer, which is why our faculty and staff are hard at work to address all aspects of this experience.”

To that end, the campus has formed several teams to address how students will interface with the campus while under construction such as accessibility, communication, parking and wayfinding, activities, and navigation. Each of these faculty and staff groups is hard at work to ensure that when students arrive for classes there is someone ready to greet them, guide them in the right direction, and get them connected to the resources they need.

The work of these committees will extend far beyond the start of the fall semester. As construction progresses, access to buildings will change as will parking and the location of various offices. Blankenbaker and her teams will see to it that students, faculty, staff and visitors to the campus have up-to-date information throughout the life of the redevelopment project.

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