TCC, Bellevue University partner to create affordable pathway to bachelor’s degree

Underscoring TCC’s continued commitment to establishing partnerships that create more affordable educational pathways for its graduates, TCC has entered into an innovative program with Nebraska-based Bellevue University. All Tarrant County College graduates who enroll in a Bellevue University bachelor’s degree program can transfer 60 credits or credits earned toward their associate degree and apply the full cost of their associate degree tuition toward their Bellevue University tuition.

Established by Bellevue University, the Texas Community College Promise Grant is open to all graduates who have completed an associate degree at a Texas state community college, no matter when they completed their degree or their major.

A TCC graduate transferring with an associate degree would receive a grant totaling $3,480 from Bellevue University, which would be disbursed over three terms at $1,280. All associate degrees at TCC (A.A., A.S. and A.A.S.) are eligible for the program and students would transfer core complete.

“Thanks to the Community College Promise Grant, tens of thousands of Texas community college graduates from across the state, including those who are re-skilling or considering career moves, can continue their path to a bachelor’s degree,” said Bellevue University Vice President of Strategic Partnerships Jim Nekuda.

The Texas Community College Promise Grant will be evaluated by Bellevue University and each of the participating institutions after its first year to determine if it will be a permanent offering.

“We are proud to be a partner of the new Community College Promise program that Bellevue University has developed and believe it will be a great benefit for students wanting to continue their education,” said TCC District Registrar and Director of Academic Support Services John Spencer. “TCC is always striving to strengthen our institutional partnerships to provide increased opportunities for TCC students and alumni.”

TCC has partnered with Bellevue University since 2008. Bellevue University offers more than 80 career-focused degree programs, both 100 percent online and at its campus in Bellevue, Neb.

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