TCC Board of Trustees canvass election results

At its May 12 special meeting, the Tarrant County College Board of Trustees canvassed the results from the May 1 election. Teresa Ayala was re-elected in District 1, new trustee Jeanne Deakyne won in District 2, new trustee Shannon Wood was elected in District 3 and Leonard Hornsby was elected to fill the unexpired term in District 5.

Total votes for each race were as follows:

  • District 1: Teresa Ayala (9,891 votes); Jeremy Sixtos (2,825 votes)
  • District 2: Shannon Wood (18,169 votes); Conrad C. Heede (9,139 votes)
  • District 3: Jeannie Deakyne (11,048 votes); Stephen Chacko (3,775 votes)
  • District 5: Sherry McCullouch (7,656 votes); Leonard Hornsby (6,477 votes); Christi Clanton (6,459 votes)

The District 5 race was scheduled for a runoff between Sherry McCullouch and second-place finisher Leonard Hornsby. However, prior to the District 5 runoff, McCullouch decided to withdraw from the race, making Hornsby the winner of the District 5 race, as per election rules.

The official election results were ratified with a 7-0 unanimous vote.

View a map of Tarrant County by district.