TCC, West Coast University sign reverse transfer agreement

Tarrant County College and West Coast University have signed a reverse transfer agreement to help more students who earned college-level credits toward an associate degree while enrolled at TCC, yet did not complete sufficient credits to earn a degree or certificate.

The reverse transfer program gives those who transferred without a credential a pathway to their first college degree.

Under the terms of this agreement, students may transfer credits earned at WCU to TCC and earn an associate degree from TCC, all while continuing studies at WCU, a private health care educator offering accredited programs in nursing, health care management and dental hygiene.

Students will be eligible for reverse transfer when they have met the following criteria:

  1. Have earned at least 30 credit hours at TCC prior to transferring to WCU.
  2. Have successfully completed and earned cumulative total of at least 90 credit hours for course work.
  3. Adhere to all policies or guidelines related to student admissions and transfer at both TCC and WCU.

WCU will deliver to TCC reverse transfer transcripts via the National Student Clearinghouse Reverse Transfer service. Upon the student’s request, reverse transfer of WCU credits will be accepted by TCC for consideration of an associate degree. If the student has met the requirements for the associate degree. TCC’s staff will award the degree, at no cost to the student.

Learn more about the transfer agreements TCC has with schools in Texas and across the nation by visiting the Explore Transfer Schools webpage.