Get ahead while seats are still available

College students interested in using the holiday break to advance their studies while significantly reducing the time to graduate have until Dec. 17 to register for the next TCC Connect Wintermester. Fully transferable four-week classes start Dec. 18 and conclude Jan. 14.

Earlier this year, TCC was named the nation’s #1 Online Community College by

Students have a choice of 15 subjects including art, business, business management, drama, English, geography, government, history, humanities, math, music, philosophy, psychology, sociology and speech. A total of 26 asynchronous, instructor-led courses will be offered in 57 sections.

Courses offered include:

ARTS-1301, BMGT-1301, BUSI-1301, DRAM-1310, DRAM-2366, ENGL-1301, ENGL-1302, ENGL-2311, ENGL-2328, ENGL-2351, GEOG-1303, GOVT-2305, GOVT-2306, HIST-1301, HIST-1302, HIST-2301, HUMA-1301, HUMA-1315, MATH-1314, MATH-1324, MATH-1332, MUSI-1306, PHIL-1301, PSYC-2301, SOCI-1301 and SPCH-1321.

TCC Connect is prepared to enroll 1,680 students in the upcoming Wintermester, a 194 percent increase over the 499 students who first took fully online Wintermester classes in December 2016. Last year, 1,002 students were enrolled.

The student success rate is 84 percent. Some successful students have this to say about their experiences:

  • “Taking this condensed course helped me get back into the mindset and proper habits of being back in school especially with Microbiology in the Spring.  I like how your lessons are applicable to skill sets needed in the real world and will prove helpful in the future.”
  • “The overall workload was not extreme, even with the holidays, I felt I had plenty of time to complete the course without exhausting myself…As an online course, I felt it was easy to navigate, organized, detailed and the grading was fair.”
  • “(Enrolling in a wintermester) showed me that I am a lot stronger than I ever gave myself credit for, and I am grateful. I have never taken an online course, and this course was set up for success with a lot of information, so I enjoyed taking this class.”

More information about the Wintermester is available at: