Student dance group makes TCC history  

Members of Movers Unlimited NE Touring Dance Company recently performed at the prestigious Palm Desert Choreography Festival held annually in California, becoming the first TCC student dance troupe to do so. These young dancers quickly became audience favorites and walked away with the Ensemble Award for “人 [In]; Human,” a traditional Korean fan contemporary fusion piece. Also, the dance troupe was named one of 13 pieces selected for the pre-professional division at the 22nd annual festival. More than 145 submissions were reviewed by judges this year.

“This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for my students to perform in such a prestigious dance festival, one that is world-renowned,” said Choi. “It felt good to be able to give my students this type of opportunity.”

After the performance, Movers Unlimited received phenomenal feedback and comments from the audience. Some of the judges’ described the dancers and their work as “unique,” “emotionally connected,” “truly committed,” “absolutely beautiful” and “gorgeous.”  According to Choi, the dancers “touched the audience on a really deep level.”

Moments before Movers Unlimited hit the stage, some dancers had to overcome nerves.

“Once the bubble of what we do hit the stage and the lights came up, we couldn’t even tell we were in this gigantic theatre. Like, it was like being home doing what we were meant to do,” said Krista Carson, co-student director of Movers Unlimited Touring Dance Company and president of the dance club at TCC Northeast.

Carolina Escamilla, one of the newest members of Movers Unlimited, found comfort in a familiar place.

“Kiyhoung recorded a voice track before the show and [the theatre] played it when we were on stage. We heard her voice and everyone just started crying because she’s like our mom,” said Carolina Escamilla, one of the newer members of Movers Unlimited. “Getting to dance on the big stage with them was meant to be. They are like my brothers and sisters.”

According to Choi, these dancers are the most amazing, committed and humble people.  “Some of these dancers have been dancing together since high school, which is why I see a strong human connection,” she explained. “They are beautiful human beings.”

Movers Unlimited is TCC Northeast’s resident, pre-professional dance company, with members being selected through auditions. Choi says company members are exposed to an advanced repertoire covering various disciplines: classical and contemporary ballet, modern/contemporary dance, hip hop, jazz dance, musical theatre and tap.

“I believe that anyone can and should dance,” Carson explained. “It’s good for your body, it’s good for the soul. It’s good for the heart.”

For information about joining or supporting Movers Unlimited, visit the dance company’s webpage.