Career goals take flight through Bell scholarship

Tarrant County College graduate Brandon Pelton is well on his way to serving as a military pilot, thanks to the generosity of Bell. The manufacturer of commercial and military helicopters is supporting future aviation and aerospace professionals by sponsoring a TCC scholarship that’s awarded prior to the fall semester.

“I am incredibly grateful for their support,” said Pelton, a Bell scholarship recipient who graduated from TCC last year. “It is amazing to see a company believe in students enough to take action, start a scholarship fund and help students move forward with their goals,”

Bell has long partnered with TCC to grow and train its workforce. For decades, the College has offered aviation and aerospace manufacturing programs, providing credit-based options to college students as well as non-credit training for professionals seeking a change of career. Pelton earned his Associate of Applied Science degrees in Aviation Maintenance Technology Airframe and Aviation Maintenance Technology Powerplant. Bell’s generosity helped Pelton cover the cost of tuition.

“I would not be where I am today without their help,” said Pelton, who plans to transfer this fall to the University of North Texas.

For Bell, supporting scholarships is an important aspect of its company philosophy.

“Bell wanted to be able to give the gift most valuable to our community and students, which is the gift of an education and a pathway to a career in the aviation and aerospace industry,” said Tricia Hiros, Bell’s senior project manager, Future Vertical Lift Enterprise Alignment. “It is part of our corporate strategy and very important to our employees to ‘pay it forward,’ and we want to encourage students to achieve their career goals as well as encourage them to do community outreach.”

Joseph Fischer

The TCC Foundation raises and manages funds for scholarships and College programs. Since 2001, the Foundation has administered more than $10 million in scholarships and assisted 9,630 students—including Joseph Fischer, another Bell scholarship winner.

“Receiving this scholarship means a lot to me,” said Fischer, who expects to graduate next year with his degrees in Aviation Maintenance Technology Airframe and Aviation Maintenance Technology Powerplant. “Not only will it help me pay for my classes, but it will give me that extra push to finish the program and pursue my pilot’s license.”

Bell, which is among dozens of companies sponsoring a TCC scholarship, encourages others in the community to consider giving back.

“It is very important to support people in our community who have demonstrated that they have the drive and the capability to achieve their goals but may need some financial assistance to cross the finish line,” explained Hiros.

With Bell’s support, Fischer and Pelton are closer to reaching their aviation aspirations.

“Companies with a local workforce like Bell are making a real difference in the lives of students and making it possible for them to achieve their goals,” said David Parker, chairman of the TCC Foundation. “Business and industry recognize the value of supporting the next generation of the workforce.”

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