TCC Board of Trustees to Meet June 21

Supporting materials for the Board meeting will be provided on the Board Meetings Web page. Once the meeting has begun, streaming video of the proceedings will also be available.

Take notice that a Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Tarrant County College District will be held in the District Offices, 1500 Houston Street, Fort Worth, Texas, 76102, commencing at 6 p.m. on Thursday, June 21, 2018, to consider and act on the following Agenda:


  1. Call to Order
  2. Public Comment/Special Presentation (No presentation shall exceed three minutes.)
  3. Board Action Items and Board Business Related Items
    1. Approval of Minutes of the Meeting:
      1. May 17, 2018
  4. Trustee/Committee Reports
    1. Governance
    2. Audit & Finance
    3. Trustee Activities
  5. Consent Agenda
    1. Consideration and Approval of Encore Multi-Family, LLC Panther Island Development Sanitary Sewer Easement
    2. Consideration and Approval of Heritage Alliance Lease Termination and Landlord Access Agreements
  6. Consideration and Approval of Items removed from Consent Agenda
  7. College Presentation
    1. The Active Learning Academy: “Powerful Teaching. Powerful Learning.”
  8. Consideration and Approval of Job Order Contracting Agreement Chambers Engineering to Provide Water System Upgrades on Northwest Campus
    Amount: $322,473.25
  9. Consideration and Approval of Job Order Contracting Agreement with Chambers Engineering to Provide Central Plaza Site Improvements on Northeast Campus
    Amount: $486,464.94
  10. Consideration and Approval of Job Order Contracting Agreement with Chambers Engineering to Provide Site Improvements at District Riverside Multi-Purpose Center
    Amount: $336,733.69
  11. Consideration and Approval of BuyBoard Cooperative Agreement with Sunbelt Pools to Provide Swimming Pool Water Treatment System Upgrades at Northwest, South, Northeast and Southeast Campus Natatoriums
    Amount: $194,289.00
  12. Consideration and Approval of Purchase PLATO Courseware from Edmentum
    Amount: $162,850.00
  13. Consideration and Approval of Purchase Elsevier Spring 2020 Nursing Examination Preparation
    Amount: $114,787.50
  14. Consideration and Approval of Purchase VMWare ELA One-Year Licensing Agreement
    Amount: $158,126.21
  15. Consideration and Approval of Renewal E-Procurement System from JAGGAER (former SciQuest) Marketplace
    Amount: $792,231.00 (Five-Year Renewal)
  16. Consideration and Approval of Purchase Anti-virus Solution
    Amount: $186,970.00
  17. Consideration and Approval of Purchase Campus Routers Life Cycle Switch Replacement and Intra-Campus Malware
    Amount: $324,874.30
  18. Consideration and Approval of Purchase LyndaCampus Higher Education Online Courseware Library
    Amount: $232,392.00
  19. Consideration and Approval of Purchase Information Security Program
    Amount: $426,241.65
  20. Consideration and Approval of Agreement with Edfinancial Services to Provide Financial Aid Call Center and Financial Aid Verification Processing
    Amount: $714,014.00 ($546,550 for calls/$167,464 for verifications)
  21. Monthly Financial Report
    1. Financial Summary Update
    2. Review of Income and Expenditures
    3. Review of Investment Portfolio
  22. Chancellor’s Report
    1. New Staff Member Introductions
    2. Campus Accolades
    3. Recent Activities
      • May 18, Downtown Rotary, FW Club
      • May 22, Chris Gavras, FW Club
      • May 22, Alfred Saenz-MULTATECH, FW Club
      • May 22, Trustee Bill Greenhill, Conference Call
      • May 23, Medical City North Hills Board of Trustees Meeting, Medical City
      • May 23, Commissioner Andy Nguyen, Mercury Chophouse
      • May 24, Thursday Morning Breakfast Group, City Club
      • May 29, Executive Roundtable-Mayor Betsy Price, FW Club
      • May 29, Audit and Finance Committee Meeting, MOC
      • May 30, Russell Julian-RMS Aerospace, MOC
      • May 30, Kenneth Barr and Bobby McGee, FW Club
      • May 31, Susan Alanis and Sally Sanchez, FW Club
      • May 31, Trustee Louise Appleman and Stacey Pierce-Streams and Valleys, MOC
      • May 31, Harold Strong-Medical Innovation Collaborative, MOC
      • May 31, Junior and Community College Political Action Committee Reception, Omni Hotel
      • June 1-2, Community College Association of Texas Trustees Annual Conference, Omni Hotel
      • June 1, -Remarks- CCATT Reception, Omni Hotel
      • June 2, -Introduction- CCATT Luncheon Speaker Representative Giovanni Capriglione
      • June 4, Trustee Conrad C. Heede, FW Club
      • June 5, Laura Alexander-Hilltop Securities, MOC
      • June 5, Todd Deal-Center for Creative Leadership, Conference Call
      • June 5, Shereah Taylor and Kevin Harper-JCC, MOC
      • June 5, Congressman Joe Barton, Conference Call
      • June 6, Trustee Louise Appleman and David Parker-TCC Foundation, MOC
      • June 6, The Promise Initiative-Pete Geren, Sid Richardson Foundation
      • June 7, -Host- North Texas LEAD Board of Directors Meeting, TR Campus
      • June 7, FW Chamber Annual Meeting/Luncheon, Omni Hotel
      • June 8, Downtown Rotary, FW Club
      • June 12, John Goff-Goff Capital, Goff Capital
      • June 13, Trustee Louise Appleman, MOC
      • June 13, Ed Riefenstahl and Scott Smith, Conference Call
      • June 14, Thursday Morning Breakfast Group, City Club
      • June 14, Board of Trustees Governance Meeting, MOC
      • June 15, Downtown Rotary, FW Club
      • June 18, Heather Reynolds and Cortney Cunningham-Catholic Charities, MOC
      • June 19, JCC Monthly Meeting, MOC
      • June 21, Board of Trustees Monthly Meeting
  23. Closed Session:
    1. Deliberation Real Property, Section 551.072, Texas Government Code. The Real Property discussion will address the purchase, exchange, lease or value of Real Estate.
    2. Deliberation on Personnel Matters, Section 551.074, Texas Government Code.
    3. Consultation with Attorney, Section 551.071, Texas Government Code. For purposes of a private consultation with Board’s Attorney on any subjects or matters authorized by law. The deliberation will include any Pending/Contemplated Litigation.
    4. Deliberation regarding the deployment, or specific occasions for implementation of security personnel or devices, Section 551.076, Texas Government Code.
  24. Consideration and Action on Closed Session Items
  25. Adjournment and Announcement of Next Meeting:
    1. Governance Meeting: July 12, 2018
    2. Board Meeting: July 19, 2018

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Posted 1:05 p.m. on June 18, 2018

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