TCC South Campus Film Students Show Work at Festival

Tarrant County College South Campus film students recently showed their piece, “Unorthodox Perception,” at the Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase. The showcase calls attention to the quality work produced within the independent film movement and provides independent artists a platform to share their work, network and gain encouragement from their peers.
“We know that students who are engaged in academically meaningful curricular and co-curricular activities persist at higher rates and have higher course- and degree-completion rates than those who are not engaged,” said South Campus President Peter Jordan. “It is co-curricular student peer networks, like the South Campus Film Club, that keep students engaged and excited about learning.”
“Unorthodox Perception” focuses on Cassie, a college student who struggles with her choices and their consequences. Confronted by the good and evil sides of her conscience, Cassie has to choose whether or not to disrespect her mother and ultimately, herself. In the climax, Cassie has a glimpse the positive plan for her future, which influences her choice.
The film was written and directed by Elliot Simms. Fellow students Jorge Martinez and Manuel Gaons performed camera work and edited the film. Maria Cortez and Jasmine Jones played the leads.
“In addition to keeping up with their classes, the students who made ‘Unorthodox Perception’ created this film from writing the script, doing the storyboard and planning out the shots, shooting and reshooting and then editing their work,” said film instructor Molly Floyd. At the same time, the students were actively involved in the planning and hosting of the South Campus film festival. “We have so many talented students and, given the opportunity, they do amazing things, said Floyd, who also serves as one of the Film Club’s faculty advisors.
Campus President Jordan also praised the work of the students. Additionally, he credited the dedication of faculty who invest their time and talent beyond the classroom to mentor and develop students through club activities, projects and competitions.
“When the South Campus Film Club hosted a film festival this past spring, one of the judges, filmmaker Bill Haas, saw potential in ‘Unorthodox Perception,'” Floyd said. He loaned equipment to Simms and his production crew and worked with them to remake the film to take it to the next level.
Once the remake was done, Haas sponsored the film by paying the entry fee for the Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase.
“Having their efforts recognized, not only in hosting a successful film festival but also having their film sponsored in the Fort Worth Indie Film Festival, was an incredible confirmation of the time, effort and attention in their film,” Floyd said.