TCC Employee Honored at UTA’s African-American Alumni Banquet

Terry Aaron, Ph.D. (left), with fellow honoree, Zachary Thompson
Terry Aaron, Ph.D. (left), with fellow honoree, Zachary Thompson
Terry Aaron, Ph.D., director of Continuing Education Services at Tarrant County College’s Southeast Campus, recently was honored as an African-American alumni of The University of Texas at Arlington for her work in mentoring.
“This honor made me realize that what I do really makes a difference,” Aaron said. For her doctoral dissertation, she interviewed 225 male students. When asked if they had a mentor, about 90 percent said they did not and five percent did not know what the word meant. “This was one of the catalysts that inspired me,” she said.
Aaron, who believes young people benefit from a relationship with someone who cares and will be available to help them navigate through life, was motivated by the students she interviewed and the needs they didn’t know they had. She created the Mentoring Summit, now in its third year at TCC, to honor and award scholarships to students, who have excelled in academics, provided community services and/or have demonstrated campus and community leadership. Aaron chairs and hosts the event in conjunction with the Texas Association of Black Personnel in Higher Education (TABPHE), where she serves as president of the Tarrant County Chapter.
Aaron hopes to one day manage a foundation that supports mentoring and provides scholarships to students who need them. Through her work with the Mentoring Summit and other endeavors, Aaron has proven instrumental in providing scholarship awards to 22 students. “It is my goal to help those individuals who have a desire to go to college.”