Larger TCC Showcase Crowds Seek Specific Answers

Summer Jenkins
Summer Jenkins sought admission details.

FORT WORTH, Texas (March 7, 2014) Summer Jenkins wondered what she had to do to get admitted. The desire to update her skills is what drew Olga Gonzalez. Mechall Patterson wanted to be able to better help her clients.
The Crowe family gathered information for their high school senior who was unexpectedly called into work. Keith Myers, attending with his daughter, discovered that TCC also had something for him. And, Sedra Albosstani walked away knowing that learning at TCC truly extends beyond the classroom.
These interested students and families were among the 1,614 prospective and current students, their families and community members who recently attended Tarrant County College’s second annual Community and High School Showcase,pushing the Success Within Reach attendance up 17 percent over last year’s total.
TCC opened the doors to its five campuses and the TCC Opportunity Center to showcase the variety of programs and services that can lead to exciting and profitable careers. Each year more than 100,000 students take advantage of the expertise of TCC’s top-notch faculty in their quest to achieve their dreams.
“I came because I wanted to learn how to get into college because I want to attend college one day,” said Jenkins, who attended the South Campus Showcase.

Olga Gonzalez
Olga Gonzalez attended the NW Showcase.

Opportunities to continue her education influenced Gonzalez to check out what TCC had to offer at its Northwest Campus. “I want to learn more so I can keep my job until I retire.”
Patterson said the Showcase provided the perfect opportunity for her to learn more about TCC offerings so she can better assist her clients in the Family Self Sufficiency Program at the Tarrant County Assistance Office. She attended the TCC Opportunity Center’s debut participation in the Showcase.

 Javier Moreno and  Michelle Patterson.
CE Instructor Javier Moreno shows part to Michelle Patterson.

“We want to build relationships with TCC, especially since our office is right across the street from South Campus,” Patterson said. “We encourage them to work toward their goals whether that is earning their GED or graduating with their associate of arts degree.”
Jodie Crowe and her family didn’t let the fact that Charles’ visit to Southeast Campus was cut short when he unexpectedly was called into work. They returned to gather more information for the prospective business management major. The Showcase also benefited her 13-year-old son, Chase.

“He is interested in accounting and was asking a lot of questions,” she said.

Jodie Crowe, right, watches 13-year-old son, Chase, examine a rock.
Jodie Crowe, right, watches 13-year-old son, Chase, examine a rock

Myers, an aviation mechanic, attended the Northeast Campus event with plans for his high school senior on his mind, but learned that TCC also had something for him. He said after talking with Student Development Services Director Paula Vastine he knows that a transitional program can help him launch a new career.
“I didn’t know these services were available,” he said, adding he’s going to share his newfound knowledge with his co-workers.

NE_Keith Myers_202
Keith Myers learned that TCC has something for him.

At Trinity River Campus, Albosstani’s plan to become a neurosurgeon piqued her interest to inquire about the medical careers attainable at the Trinity River Campus East, but she also came to learn how to get involved and help others. “I wanted to get information about the types of organizations and community services that I could become involved in,” said Albosstani, who was interested in earning community service hours.

Sedra Allbosstani wants to be a neurosurgeon.
Sedra Allbosstani wants to be a neurosurgeon.

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