Vet Success and DSS Show Off New Facilities

Vet and Disability FacilityVeterans and students served by Disability Support Services on South Campus now have a brand new place to get the resources they need while pursuing their education at Tarrant County College.

The Vet Success Center and DSS recently held an Open House showing off their new facilities in SFOC.  A formal opening is planned for fall 2013.

Vet receives help.
Students Monica Osornia, front, and South Campus Veterans Club vice president Joseph Dale, right, assist Ricky Fox, left, in setting up his email address.

“It’s a very nice facility. They did a great job setting up for the veterans,” said Vet Success Counselor Sarah Ary. “They now have access to computers so they do everything they need to register for TCC.”

Having a place that allows DSS to bring their mission to life is one of the most appealing things about their new location, said DSS Coordinator Gail Walters.

“This bright, new, aesthetically pleasing space will allow us to provide services to students in a manner that supports and embraces our mission which is ‘to promote equal access for students in an environment that is respectful, values individual differences and encourages self-advocacy,’” Walters said.

Testing is one of the big benefactors. Previously, particularly during finals each year, testing had to be scheduled in other buildings to accommodate their students.

“With this new space, we will be able to do all testing in our office,” she  said, adding, “We have space for our adaptive equipment and will be able to accommodate more students with adaptive equipment needs.”

The facility includes a shared reception area, a shared conference room and a suite of administrative offices as well as areas to serve students. “This building has been designed and configured in a manner to promote access and student success.”

VC Black gets device demonstration.
Vice Chancellor Joy Gates Black participates in communication device demonstration with DSS Administrative Assistant Caron Byington.
Attendess at reception.
DSS Coordinator Gail Walters, center, welcomes students Chelsea Williams, left, and Jonathan Kigigha.