SE Art Exhibit Helps Students See the Light

Falloff InvitationNext time you walk by Southeast Campus’s art exhibit corridor, expect to see something a little different.

Starting Thursday, Nov. 15, SE will host Falloff, an installation art collaboration between Kris Pierce and Timothy Harding.  The installation focuses on the manipulation of light, including video, projections, and fixtures, and is a statement about how these artists transform light and the areas just past the influence of light, into a cohesive space that is balanced both by what’s visible and invisible.

Some of the works originally began life last December as pieces of an installation Harding and Pierce created for the group Homecoming Committee.  Harding, best known for his extremely detailed large scale drawings, has a masterful grasp of light manipulation that can be compared to the style of New York artist Dan Flavin, renowned for creating installations involving fluorescent light fixtures.  Harding’s fixtures glow and create a vivid depiction of the inverse square law of lighting, from with the term Falloff is derived.

Pierce, at the other end, uses his talented background in animation to create pieces that largely involve the medium of video.  His most recent piece, Final Boss of the Internet, combines 8 bit simplicity and strong compositional intuition into a commanding array on an octagonal projection surface.

The exhibit will be located in the SE Campus Art Corridor II and will run through Saturday, Dec. 15. An opening reception will be held Thursday, Nov. 15, from 5-7 p.m. Admission to the exhibit is free and open to the general public.