Aircraft Mishap Exercise to Involve Navy and Local Community Emergency Responders

FORT WORTH, Texas (Aug. 28, 2012)


A joint training exercise centered around a simulated military C-130 crash in the local community.   This is

a routine exercise for the Navy and local emergency response agencies to help refine communications and

response procedures for all entities involved.  Furthermore, the communities that surround the Fort Worth

Naval Air Station have memorandums of agreement with the base when it comes to emergency response,

whether it’s for fire or law enforcement assistance.



Wednesday, August 29, 2012                       Exercise Start Time:  9:30 a.m.



The simulated crash site is the Pecan Valley Golf Course.  HOWEVER, ALL events associated with this

simulated crash exercise will take place at the Tarrant County College Fire Training Center located

at Tarrant County College Northwest Campus, 4801 Marine Creek Parkway.



Exercise participants include the Police and Fire first responders from the Naval Air Station, as well as

Police and Fire first responders from Fort Worth and Benbrook.



This joint emergency response exercise is being conducted to enhance the joint training and emergency

communications capabilities of the Fort Worth Naval Air Station fire and police and their civilian

counterparts in Benbrook and Fort Worth.

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