SE Scores Another Award for Fourth of July Float

Doug Peak with SE float.
Student Development Director Doug Peak shows off SE Campus Fourth of July float.

For their 17th consecutive year, TCC Southeast Campus volunteers brought it home again. They won second place in the “Non Commercial Floats” category for their innovative representation of the 2012 Arlington Fourth of July parade theme, “The Many Faces of America’s Freedom.”

Built by the Southeast Campus Parade Committee, the intricately designed float featured four different categories of images rotating on three wooden tiers to portray the parade’s theme.  U.S. monuments such as the Statue of Liberty and Washington Monument; and faces of American citizens, soldiers, and presidents were used to symbolize freedom. The float also displayed the American flag, bald eagle, and firemen and police protecting children.

Doug Peak, SE Campus Student Development Services Director, said building the float is something the campus as a whole looks forward to every year.

“It’s not about winning, we love each other’s company,” Peak said. “We get to do something away from the campus in celebration of our country’s birthday. This team-building event has become a tradition that unifies our campus.”

SE peer advisor and architecture-inspired student Dominique Spencer, who helped design and put together the float, touts the committee’s hard work and the experience he had along the way.

“It’s a connection the campus has with students and some of the community,” Spencer explained. “I think it’s more than just the pride of the tradition. It’s cool to see people work alongside each other and make a difference.”

Fourth of July has a different meaning for different people. We found that out from your responses to our Facebook inquiry of what Independence Day means to you. Like Trenton Nix and Vicki Wooten, some of you were excited for a day off from class. Mich Elle and Jessica Potts celebrated their birthdays. According to Jennifer Davis, it’s a time to express gratitude and celebration. Quyen Vo on the other hand expressed homesickness from being out of the country and missing fireworks. For Hanna Camille Himmel, July Fourth meant a time for reflection.

“It’s a day spent with family and celebrating the beautiful country that we live in,” Himmel said. “It’s another day to remember, and celebrate the men and women who gave or who are willing to give their lives to protect America for everyone!”


Fourth of July Parade Volunteers
SE volunteers surround their hard work.



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