A Night Out at the Ballpark with the TCC Alumni Association

A Night at the Ballpark in Arlington with the TCC Alumni AssociationThe TCC Alumni Association enjoyed a Texas Rangers victory over the Detroit Tigers in their second TCC Alumni, Family and Friends Night at the Ballpark in Arlington.  Not only were TCC alumni, faculty, staff and friends able to watch Texas Ranger Yu Darvish pitch against the Detroit Tigers, but they did so on the “All You Can Eat” Upper Deck Porch.

Want to stack your tray with 10 hot dogs, two chicken sandwiches and some nachos? This game would have been the perfect opportunity because hot dogs, nachos, chicken sandwiches, popcorn, peanuts and soft drinks were included in the specially priced tickets available through the TCC Alumni Association. Throughout the game attendees helped themselves to the complimentary food and drinks while mingling with friends, family and coworkers alike.

Members of the TCC Foundation were in attendance to pass out information on future alumni events and answer questions.

“We want every member of the alumni association to have a good time and stay informed and involved so they know how their contributions are benefiting the college,” Donor Relations Officer Liz Sisk said. “The TCCF Scholarship Fund benefits and encourages students to pursue their education and career goals and that is something we are very proud of.”

SE Campus President William Coppola and SO Campus President Peter Jordan were also in attendance to enjoy the game.

The crowd erupted early in the game when Ian Kinsler hit a solo home-run in the bottom of the first inning setting off fireworks into the sky. The close fought game went back and forth and Josh Hamilton added a second home-run for the Rangers which helped them to a 7-5 win over the Tigers. The win wasn’t necessary but it made the night more entertaining for those who attended.

The TCC Alumni Association had a fun and relaxed evening at the Texas Ranger game and look forward to continuing the tradition for years to come.