South Campus Opens New Welcome Center With A Bang

Advisor welcomes new student.Let’s face it: that first day of college isn’t the easiest. The process can be overwhelming, leaving students clueless as to where to begin. Well, South Campus has a solution for that—the First-Time in College (FTIC) Welcome Center.

At the FTIC Welcome Center, students can sign up for information about admissions, financial aid, campus tours, New Student Advisement, and the Academic Enrichment Program. They can also register for orientation and for courses. In addition, students can attend 30-minute success connection seminars which include ActiveApply, a quick walk-through of the new student application process; Career Coach/MyPlan, an introduction to the Career Center; Testing Prep Bootcamp/Testing; WebAdvisor Does What?; and Managing Your Money.

“We have so many students, it’s phenomenal,” said Counseling Director Marisa Garcia-Luna, expressing how delighted she was that as many as 120 students signed up for seminars on the first day. “Now there is a place where they can go to listen to them and help them as soon as they walk into TCC. This hands-on teaching is what the students need.”

The mission of  TCC’s FTIC Welcome Center is to give students a pre-registration education that prepares them to achieve their dream, and find the connections and pathways in order to accomplish those dreams. Students are equipped with the necessary skills for making the transition to becoming a successful college student.

Academic advisor and seminar speaker Brittney Chavez is excited about the impact the Welcome Center promises to have. “The students are really excited and appear to feel empowered with an ‘I can do this’ attitude,” Chavez said. “To see all the sessions full and the students embracing them is amazing,”

Before registering for fall classes, students are required to complete New Student Orientation. Parents are encouraged to come with their students so they can attend the Parent Session, which allows them to learn about the academic life their children are beginning; meet faculty, administrators, and other parents; and gather information about campus services.

Orientation sessions and seminars are offered Monday through Thursday twice per day. To register for the orientation, students need to make an appointment with a counselor or advisor in the Counseling Department. For more information on seminar registration and academic advisement, or to register for New Student Orientation, please call the South Campus Counseling Department at 817-515-4558.


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