I'm a Trailblazer!

Toro the TrailblazerToro’s the name, and I’m now officially a Trailblazer!

My whole life I’ve been trying to beat a bum rap that bulls seem to get. It’s not like all of us bulls are just waiting for someone in a fancy black outfit to wave a red cape at us so we can get our run on.

I’ll admit that I’m not like the other bulls in the Fort Worth Stockyards—which is what led me to strike out on my own in search of adventure. Finally, now that I’ve found TCC, I feel like I fit in. Made my way around the campuses—lots of good stuff going on!

Northwest Campus

When I left the stockyards, I made my way north and happened upon a railroad tanker on fire! Now there’s adventure! I’ve been assured it was only firemen doing some training at Northwest Campus. Exciting! Hot, but exciting!

Northeast Campus

After leaving the firemen to their drill, I came upon Northeast Campus. Have you seen the ginormous chess set they have there? I’m thinking chess tournament, people! But can we look into getting those horse pieces changed out for bulls? Seriously.

Southeast Campus

The other bulls and longhorns used to laugh at me when I’d tell them I dreamed of making a robot that looked like a bull. I mean, why do all the robots have to look like humans? I need to look into some robotics classes at Southeast Campus. Hey, I can build my own Toro Army. Who’s with me?

South Campus

When I found South Campus, I saw something that took my mind off the Toro Army idea (temporarily), and it goes vroooom! Yeah, I caught sight of this sweet purple Prowler. Bet I can convince the Automotive department that this Trailblazer is just what that car needs.

Trinity River Campus

A car that goes fast sure wouldn’t have done me any good downtown. While living in the stockyards, I used to sneak away to downtown Fort Worth. I’d see students at the Trinity River Campus, some of them talking with their hands. I’d love to learn sign language! And I can’t wait to make it to the Trinity River East Campus—maybe I will become the first bull nurse!

Anyway, now I’m part of it all! I’d like to give Chancellor Hadley a shout out for the welcome yesterday. All of the employees and Board of Trustees members made me feel so warm and fuzzy. And like a star. Check out the photo gallery of me with some awesome TCC people.

I’ve found my home; I’m a Trailblazer!