Connecting Beyond the Classroom

At Tarrant County College, all we do, whether directly or indirectly, is done with students in mind. For me, this issue of Projection is a perfect reminder of that, and as you read, I hope you’ll agree.

Throughout the development of this magazine, I took great pleasure in talking with several students one-on-one. This interaction not only confirmed many of the qualities we already know about our students, but helped us to discover much more about what makes them tick.

I could go on about the stories behind each student, but will let you read for yourself in the pages ahead. Briefly, I learned that these individuals are more than students who come to campus, go to class and leave. They care about much more than just themselves, their next test or their grades. They make every effort to contribute to the campus community, the Tarrant County community and the future of our society as a whole. And most importantly, they are passionate, and eager to share their talents in ways that contribute to the greater good.

When we started this issue, we did so intending to reveal the ins and outs of how leaders are developed at TCC. While we often see the need to inspire students throughout their college experience, the reality is that through this same process,we are equally inspired by students. Their zest for life is something from which we can all learn.

As you’ll see, many of the personal touches and the profound sense of community that we speak of is owed to the campus’ Student Activities teams– folks that work tirelessly to plan and take part in seminars, events and trips that connect all of the dots and complete the TCC experience.

So next time someone asks what student life is like at TCC, remember how much there is to offer, and just ask the students. You’ll see, they say it best.