Intervention at Trinity

Jeff Van Vonderen
Jeff Van Vonderen

Trinity River Campus’ Energy Room exploded Tuesday night as A&E’s Emmy Award-Winning Series Intervention took center stage for a Town Hall Meeting on drug and alcohol addiction.

After a welcome and opening remarks from TCC Chancellor Erma Johnson Hadley and Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief, attendees viewed a segment called “Ashley,” the emotional intervention for a young woman addicted to heroin, followed by a panel discussion of experts.

KRLD 1080 AM co-anchor Alice Rios was the moderator for the panel of Dr. Gregory Phillips, private practitioner, teacher and Recovery Resource Council advisory board member; Eric Niedermayer, chief executive officer of Recovery Research Council: Fort Worth Police Chief Jeffrey Halstead and Intervention consultant and speaker  Jeff Van Vonderen.

Prior to the meeting in an interview with TCC cable, Van Vonderen, a former addict, said regardless of their drug of choice all addicts share an emotional dependency that they satisfy through the abuse of food, alcohol, work or illegal drugs.

Van Vonderen also discussed the critical road to recovery for alcoholics who face the dilemma of drinking themselves to death and the dangerous impact of weaning their bodies from alcohol’s debilitating impact.

Charter subscribers will be able to view the Town Hall Meeting beginning June 13 using Charter OnDemand by selecting IWantMore. The Intervention Town Hall Meeting will be located in the Education and Health and Wellness category. Stay tuned for details on viewing TCC’s broadcast of Van Vonderen’s interview.