Spotlight on Mark Schusler

Mark J. Schusler came to Texas to share his love for plants. But it’s what he is spreading on the Internet that could cover the most ground.

Spreading the Word

Mark Schusler
Northwest Campus Assistant Professor of Horticulture Mark Schusler

An assistant professor of Horticulture on Northwest Campus, Mark left his pots behind to travel to Los Angeles. He took the trip so he could relay his personal journey.  Once there, Mark filmed a video telling about his nearly 50-year battle with Psoriasis.

What is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease. It attacks both the skin and joints.  Mark’s goal is to educate people about the disease so they don’t allow it to rob them of the things they treasure. He talks about practical things such as how to talk with their dermatologist.

Not a Deterrent

Growing up with Psoriasis was not convenient or easy for Mark. He did not allow it to keep him from pursuing his love of plants. He migrated from the Windy City of Chicago in 1977 to pursue a teaching position in Texas. Ever since his move down South, Mark has been teaching students at TCC about ornamental and landscape horticulture. This includes preparing for the annual TCC plant sale.

Keep Moving

Mark hopes that the commercial encourages those with Psoriasis. He particularly hopes their new education helps them shed their embarrassment. “I want them to know it is nothing to be ashamed or afraid of and that there are successful treatments available,” he said.  “While there is no ‘cure,’ you can still enjoy life and not let Psoriasis slow you down.”

–Written by Pamela Smith