How-to Tuesday: Help Us Improve the Website

We hope that as time marches on, we find ourselves improving, whether we’re improving ourselves personally or we’re improving ourselves professionally. Tarrant County College is on the path to improving the way we do business, improving student access and success, and in line with the goals of Vision 2015, we hope to continue to improve the TCC website—with your help.

Today our homepage has a totally different look than it did just two years ago thanks to the tireless work of many people across the District. What’s more important than the look of the site is its functionality. The content. We are in much better shape than we were prior to the April 2009 new site launch; however, we are by no means where we would like to be. This is where you come in.

Vice Chancellor of Information and Technology Services Maria Shelton tasked Online Support Technician Robert Heyser to chair the newly formed Web Advisory Council which was created to serve as the liaison between employees and the Web staff.

“With only three full-time staff to manage the main TCC site—two on the technical side and one on the content side—it is critical for us to have eyes and ears out there, to alert us to issues students, faculty or staff may be having…or to share new ideas. We also hope the council can be the voice of the Web staff to share information with the campuses.” said Heyser.

The Web staff plans to continue working toward exciting improvements to the site. We can only accomplish this through the collective efforts of the TCC community.

Currently there are 11 standing members of the Web Advisory Council, with student representatives brought in periodically to discuss issues. Please contact your council member with problems—and praise—regarding the website. Also, if you would like to be added to a pool of volunteers used to test the site, please let your representative know.

Web Advisory Council Members

Web Staff

Application Development—Robert Heyser, Online Support Technician
Application Development—David Wissore, Manager of Online Services
Public Relations & Marketing—Susan Ragland, Web Content Editor

Council Members

Northeast Campus—Jim Robinson
Northwest Campus—Christine Hubbard
South Campus—Lynda de los Santos
Southeast Campus—Woody Evans
Trinity River Campus—Freddie Sandifer
Distance Learning/Continuing Education—Kelly Willing
District Liaisons—Arturo Martinez, Donna Stallard