WINR Expands to Trinity River Campus

Sociology Professor Lori Fowler is the coordinator for the new Women in New Roles program that will start in the fall semester at Trinity River Campus. WINR, a credit course for women returning to college, was founded by Emily Lunday, a retired associate psychology professor, as a pilot program at South Campus in fall 1977.

The program was expanded to Southeast Campus in 2002 and Northeast Campus in 2003.  More than 7,000 students have participated in the program since it inception, averaging about 75 per semester at South, 30 per semester at Southeast Campus and 50 per semester at Northeast Campus.

Contacts by campus are: Trish Light, coordinator, Susie Carranza, counselor, South; Marisa Garcia-Luna, coordinator, Ann Nguyen, advisor, Southeast; Paula Vastine, coordinator, Anita Peters, counselor, Northeast; and Fowler, coordinator, Cheryl Taylor, WINR instructor, Trinity River.

Scholarships for WINR students are available for those who qualify through the TCC Foundation.