Student Financial Aid Services Offices Move

The District Student Financial Aid Services (SFAS) Office has moved its operation to Trinity River Campus.

As of this Monday, May 3, the office is located in the new math and science wing in the Trinity Building, Room 3810. District SFAS staff will have new phone numbers, as listed below.

Please stop by and say hi to the staff in their new location!

District Director of Financial Aid
• David Ximenez, ext. 1785

Director of FA Systems and Operations
• Samantha Stalnaker, ext. 1796

Assistant Director of FA Verification/Loans
• Gwineth Yeager, ext. 1790

Financial Aid Specialists:
• Blanca Barrera, ext. 1791
• Sharron Hambrick, ext. 1792
• Elizabeth Landwermeyer, ext. 1794
• Valerie Bustillos, ext. 1797
• Christina Palacios, ext. 1788/1269

Financial Aid Associates:
• Angela Molina, ext. 1789
• Janet Little, ext. 1787
• Susan Duncan, ext. 1786

Financial Aid Assistant:
• Renisha Woods, ext. 1795

Main Number:
(New published number for District FA)
• Ext. 1795