Administrators Welcome 2010 Leadership TCC Class

Faculty and staff members of this year’s Leadership TCC class convened with the Chancellor’s Executive Leadership Team Feb. 3 at Trinity River Campus in the first of a five-session “behind-the-scenes” tour of Tarrant County College.

Interim Chancellor Erma Johnson Hadley welcomed the new participants and emphasized the value of the Leadership TCC program, each individual’s role in the College and TCC’s role in the community.

Participants were also fortunate to hear from all five campus presidents, in a question-and-answer panel that explored each of their individual career paths, and unique aspects of each campus. They also discussed future opportunities and challenges for the District and compared TCC to other community colleges. All stressed how privileged they feel to be a part of TCC.

To wrap up the half-day session, class members interviewed someone they didn’t already know and introduced them to the others, sharing stories of adventurous travels abroad, goofy childhood memories and other little known personal anecdotes.

Throughout the program, participants will work in teams to look at various community college-related issues and will share their findings in a final report that will be shared with the District later this spring.

View the blog gallery for photos from the first session.

Congratulations to the Leadership TCC Class of 2010!

Magdalena de la Teja, Chanissa Dietrich, Bruce Grinstead, Karen Hutto, Jackie Johnson, Leticia Pizana de Esparza, Deb Scheiwe, Laurie Semple, J.W. Smits and Jackie Washington

Scott Donaldson, Alejandro Garza, Conrad Herrera, Traci Schmedel and Steve Smiley

James Dang, Nita Haliburton, Diane Thornburg and Renetta Wright

Rose Brant, Kathy Burks, Glo Calhoun, Cesar Diaz, Bonnie Higgins, Ryan McLawhon and Maria Valdez

Trinity River:
Vickie Burson, Kiesha Harvey, Linda Lacoste and Irene Thrower

Cacy Barnard, Tori Puente and Stephanie Sipho