Campus Closing Updates at Your Fingertips

Before another cold front hits the metroplex this week, be sure to take a couple minutes to log into CampusCruiser to check the status of your CruiserAlert profile.

If you signed up to receive CruiserAlert text message and email notifications awhile back and don’t log into CampusCruiser regularly, your profile may have been deactivated (and could explain why you didn’t receive the urgent alerts regarding campus delays and closings during the wintermester.) To reactivate any dormant accounts, log in, navigate to the “MyCruiser” tab and click the “Activate” button by each phone number or email address.

If you haven’t yet gotten around to subscribing to the free service for students and employees, it is quick and easy. Just follow the simple instructions to subscribe to make sure you are in the know not only in situations of inclement weather, but in any unexpected campus emergency situations as well.