Northwest Student Shares Social Media Expertise

Whether you’re just now jumping into social media, or have been a skilled online networker for years, rest assured you could learn a thing or two from Northwest Campus marketing student Jeni Searcy.

From eating breakfast to cleaning her room, Jeni has become accustomed to living her life online via “lifecasting.” While some may not see the appeal of living a life broadcasted for all to see, it is exactly why Ford selected her to be one of 100 participants in the nationwide “Fiesta Movement” campaign. As part of the initiative, Jeni and the other young trendsetters received the subcompact car to test drive, travel on special missions and share their experiences through social media.

Ford executives Sam de la Garza, Fiesta brand manager, and Scott Monty, global digital and media communications manager, joined Jeni’s marketing class, led by Adjunct Linda Wilson, Oct. 7 at NW Campus to speak on this social media initiative and its affects. Monty, a pioneer in the social media world, joined the presentation live via Skype from his office in Dearborn, Mich., and provided students with insight into the strategies and direction of Ford.

As for Jeni’s direction, she’s continuing, for now, to live life online—and in her ‘Lime Squeeze’ Ford Fiesta. It’s hard to miss, so be sure to wave if you see her on the road.

Pictured below
Top: With the Ford Fiesta, from left to right, are Marketing Adjunct Linda Wilson, student Jeni Searcy, and Professor and Department Chair Alicia Lupinacci.

Bottom: Ford Fiesta Brand Manager Sam de la Garza speaks to students in the Michael Saenz Conference Center on Northwest Campus.

Jeni Searcy with Fiesta

Sam de la Garza speaking