Success Reached: Margaret Moore

TCC’s tagline is Success Within Reach. Our latest graduates have reached that milestone in their educational journey at TCC. In this series, we want to introduce you to some of them.

Margaret Moore’s decision to come to TCC was two-fold. She was motivated by the education received by her stepfather and her daughters. Additionally, she wanted to show her girls that “no matter the route you take, always doing your best with what you have is what truly counts.”

The route Margaret took toward her Associate of Arts degree has been long and challenging.  She originally enrolled in 2015, “only taking a few classes here and there” while working fulltime and raising her three daughters, but, she says, she was never really dedicated to her studies.

In 2019, Margaret’s father was diagnosed with cancer and moved in with her. He had a dream to have a college education. By that time, it was hers as well.  They both got to fulfill that dream as her father helped her study.

Margaret’s commitment to her education went into overdrive. “I pushed myself harder than I ever have,” she said. “I began taking a full load of classes every semester including fall, spring and Maymesters, as well as summer and winter breaks.” She hoped to finish before her father passed, but unfortunately, he died in January 2022.  Working through her grief, she continued to press on toward her goal of a degree.

With all her hard work, she found a few surprises along the way. “The ability to balance work and school has been an unexpected achievement,” Margaret said. “Not only do I work a full-time job, I attend TCC fulltime.” She went on to say, “Graduating college is a big accomplishment in my family.  I watched my stepdad graduate from TCC.  Now, my daughters will see me walk the stage.”  In addition, her middle daughter is currently attending TCC.

Following her graduation from TCC, Margaret, who serves as an executive assistant at Calloway’s Nursery, will be pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Texas Woman’s University in the fall.  She intends to use her degree and knowledge to move up with her employer.  “I would like to be able to bring new ideas and implement change not only to the business but my peers and supervisors as well.”

Based on her own experience, Margaret wants those who hear her story to have hope when it comes to their education. “I want to inspire others and show them that anyone, any age, or from various backgrounds can achieve their dream of a college education. Although it might be difficult, perseverance is key.”