TCC South Launches Accelerated Associate of Arts Program

Working on a degree while maintaining a good work-life-school balance can be challenging. Because of that, TCC South is launching a new program called, “Trailblaze Through College,” that will enable students to complete an Associate of Arts degree in as little as 18 months.

“To give our students as many options as possible, Tarrant County College South is launching a program that will allow students to Trailblaze through College and earn a full Associate of Arts degree within 18 months by taking two or three eight-week classes at a time,” said TCC South President Dan Lufkin. “In our commitment to being a student-centric institution that provides support for students to help them achieve their educational goals, we have built a program that will allow students to focus on fewer classes and still have time to get the support they need, while they manage their day-to-day responsibilities without losing any time.”

Fall enrollment is now open, and TCC South has 36 eight-week course offerings available.  Courses are intentionally paired to facilitate student success.

The program was created with working adults, aged 24 and older, in mind. “What we know is that most students in a 16-week semester experience burnout around weeks 10 to 11. It’s hard to recover at that point in the semester. However, with eight-week classes, students feel less burnout from long semesters and are less overwhelmed because they are taking fewer classes and juggling fewer assignments at a time,” said Shereah Taylor-Love, divisional dean of behavioral and social sciences.

Although the program is targeted toward working adults, 24 years of age or older, all students are welcome. “While this is great for the working student, or students with other obligations outside of the classroom, eight-week semesters are also great for our high-achieving students who want to complete 18 hours in a semester. They, too, can focus on fewer classes at a time, while also accelerating their path to degree completion,” said Taylor-Love. “I think eight-week classes are a win for every type of student!”

For more information on this program, please contact Advising at TCC South.

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