Calling All Makers! TCC Hosts MakerCon

TCC is hosting MakerCon at TCC Trinity River. The expo allows attendees to talk with local Makers and learn about their craft, watch a making demonstration or participate in a make-along experience.  Making is the act or process of forming, causing, doing or coming into being.

“A Maker is someone who creates something that did not exist before. That something could be a craft, an invention or a new business.  Different Makers have different skill sets, so getting them together in one place makes it possible for collaborations to occur,” said Danelle Toups, assistant director of library services at TCC Trinity River. “By hosting an event like MakerCon, TCC serves as the catalyst for these collaborations.”

The expo is free, but registration is required. Upon registration, specific directions to buildings and rooms will be provided.  MakerCon 2023 ( 

Fees for workshops are additional.

Workshops include the quilting technique of paper piecing; building a simple circuit using basic components to test a magnet’s polarity; creating characters for role playing games; managing and growing a maker space and video game design and storytelling.

Date: March 25, 2023

Time: 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

TCC Trinity River

300 Trinity Campus Circle

Fort Worth, TX 76102


TCC Community Education and Engagement