Parking Pitfalls

Construction projects at TCC Northwest creates a daily game of virtual Tetris for students, faculty and staff.

As construction continues at TCC Northwest, new steps are being implemented to help reduce problems caused by the scheduled closure of the South Parking Lot.

These actions include:

  • Addition of more than 100 parking spaces to the temporary overflow lot on the right side of College Drive (for those entering from the main entrance of Marine Creek Parkway).
  • Addition of six additional temporary accessible parking spaces in the North parking lot with more to be added as needed.
  • Students are now allowed to park in the white and yellow striped parking areas in the North parking lot until further notice. Previously, yellow striped parking spaces were reserved for employees only.
  • Temporarily relocation of some faculty and staff parking to remote locations on campus.
  • Allowances for temporary remote work for employees in coordination with their department supervisors. Face-to-face services will remain on-campus.

Because of the location and construction traffic coming from the South Parking Lot, use of the South Overflow Lot will now be limited to TCC employees only. Spaces in this lot may be made available to students later as needed.

Work is also underway related to pedestrian and vehicle traffic, to address exterior lighting outages at many locations.

The South parking lot is scheduled to be fully renovated and reopened in January of 2023.

The current parking challenges are part of the TCC Northwest redevelopment project. The campus welcomes suggestions to improve the work and learning environment during redevelopment. Such suggestions should be sent to