TCC Alum Accepted into Nationwide Mentorship Program

Jose Romero, 2021-22 editor-in-chief of The Collegian, Tarrant County College’s student newspaper, has been selected one of 20 college journalism students, and the only one from Texas, to be among the inaugural members of the New York Times Corps.

In its announcement, the Times described the program as “a talent pipeline program for college students to receive career guidance from Times journalists over a multiyear period.”

Chris Whitley, TCC’s director of student publications, said he had known of Romero’s selection for some time, but had to wait for the announcement before sharing the news. “And we’ve been bursting to tell the whole world,” Whitley said.

Romero accepting an award on behalf of TCC as the 2022 Texas Intercollegiate Press Association convention.

It’s likewise been hard for Romero to keep a lid on the story. “I told Chris, and I told my mom,” he said, “but that was it. The rest of my family found out today.”

Each participant will be paired with a Times adviser, with whom they will meet periodically throughout their undergraduate careers to receive advice and reviews of their writing. Romero, now on the staff of UT-Arlington’s Shorthorn, will work with business reporter Cecilia Kang.

But although the Times announcement correctly lists Romero as a student at UTA, he is quick to point out that “my journey started at TCC. I owe Chris and everyone there so much.”