Northwest to implement new building nomenclature

After almost 50 years with buildings identified by letters, the TCC Northwest community will have to do it by the numbers as part of a new nomenclature plan for the College presented to the Chancellor’s Cabinet in March by the Campus Character and Quality (CCQ) principle team.

Gone are names like WFAB and WTLO. Instead, all buildings will be known according to an alphanumeric system combining a campus identifier – NW – and a building number. The numbering will start with construction building 2, which will henceforth be known as NW01.

The numbers of the campus core will then follow a counter-clockwise pattern. The yet-to-be-started construction building 4 will be NW02, construction building 3 will be NW03 and the numbers continue with NW04 (WACB), NW05 (construction building 1– currently under construction, west of WHPE) and NW06 (WHPE).  Part of the present WCTS will be temporarily used for swing space and will be NW07. When that space is no longer needed, the building will be demolished but the site will retain the alphanumeric designation for any future building there.

WBSA will carry a number, NW20, but it is out of sequence since it houses facilities operations and is not for general use by faculty, staff and students.

Jumping across the ponds and campus loop to the temporary lot is a space marked for NW08, 09 and 10. When the lot is no longer needed, it will be landscaped and reserved for three future buildings.

Numbering then picks up with NW11 (WFSC), NW 12 the portable buildings housing Horticulture’s greenhouses, and NW13 (what will still be the early college high school until it moves into NW05 toward the end of the redevelopment project).

The Firing Range (NW14) and Criminal Justice Training Center (NW15 and NW16) round out the scheme, except for NW30, another facilities structure on the far northeast corner of the campus.

The three buildings containing police and fire programs will have names – Fire/Rescue, Law Enforcement and Firing Range – in addition to their alphanumeric designation. “Throughout the District, campus buildings that house only permanent programs are allowed to ID those buildings,” said TCC Northwest Dean Lisa Benadetti, co-chair of the CCQ team.

TCC buildings at Alliance Airport will be known by the identifier AW to avoid confusion on the part of students who may register for “Northwest Campus” courses that are not actually on the main campus.

Along with the nomenclature recommendation, CCQ presented to the Cabinet the plan for wayfinding. Signage will follow the same format from campus to campus in accordance with the 3G8P goal to operate as One College. Typefaces will be consistent as will colors – the blue and green similar to those at the top of TCC’s website home page.