TCC Board of Trustees to Meet March 24, 2022

Supporting materials for the board meeting will be provided on the Board Meetings page. Once the meeting has begun, streaming video of the proceedings will also be available. For questions regarding the meeting agenda, please email

Take notice that the Monthly Meeting of the Tarrant County College Board of Trustees will be held at the TCC Trinity River Campus, 300 Trinity River Campus Circle, Fort Worth, Texas, 76102, commencing at 6 p.m. on Thursday, March 24, 2022, to consider the agenda described below:


  1. Call to Order
  2. Public Comment/Special Presentation (No presentation shall exceed three minutes.)
    • Members of the public wanting to make public comment should sign up in-person prior to the start of the meeting on Thursday, March 24, 2022, noting the nature of the comment to be made. Registered participants will be called in the order their requests were received during the “Public Comment” portion of the meeting.
  3. Board Business Items and Announcements
    1. Consideration and Approval of Ratification of Appointment of Dr. Elva LeBlanc as Acting Chancellor and Assignment Pay
    2. Consideration and Approval of Resolution to Adopt a Redistricting Timeline and Criteria
    3. Approval of Monthly Board Meeting Minutes for February 17, 2022 Board Meeting
    4. Trustee Activities
  4. Consideration and Approval of the Consent Agenda
    1. Consideration and Approval of of the Faculty Development Leave Award to the Provided List of Instructors for the Academic Year 2022-2023
    2. Consideration and Approval of Tenure Award to the Faculty Recommended on the Provided List
    3. Consideration and Approval of the Purchase of Internet and Telephone Services from Lonestar Education and Research Network (LEARN) and GTT Communications, Inc. (GTT) for 36 months in the amount of $532,846.34
    4. Consideration and Approval of Fee Expenditure for Locke Lord Not to Exceed $200,000.00
  5. Consideration and Approval of Individual Action Items Agenda
    1. Consideration and Approval of a Request to Increase the Previously Approved Spending Authority for Dell Computer of $750,000 to a Limit of $1,700,000 (Not to Exceed)
    2. Consideration and Approval of the 5-Year CISCO Network Enterprise Agreement with General Datatech L.P. (GDT) in the amount of $2,477,361.12 (approximately $495,500.00 annually)
    3. Consideration and Approval of a Request to Increase the Previously Approved Spending Authority with Alpha Business Images of $1,000,000.00 to a Limit of $1,500,000.00 (Not to Exceed) for Media Advertising Placements
    4. Consideration and Approval of Statement of Work for Intelligent Buildings, LLC., for Design Guidance supporting the District-wide Smart Building Program in the Amount of $138,600.00
    5. Consideration and Approval of Revisions to DED(LOCAL)–COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS/HOLIDAYS to Memorialize Holidays Observed, Add Juneteenth as an Observed Holiday and Memorialize Scheduled Breaks
    6. Consideration and Approval of Amendments to LOCAL Board Policies DBA, DC, DEA, DJ, DK, and DJK related to Employment Practices; Elimination of DD – Personnel Positions and GB – Public Complaints and Hearings
  6. Monthly Financial report
    1. Financial Report February 2022
    2. Investment Report February 2022 and Quarter 2 of FY22
  7. Chancellor’s Report
    1. Informational: Imminent Closure of North Richlands Hills Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone Number 2
    2. Informational: Transmittal of Annual Racial Profiling Report
    3. Informational: Faculty Recommended for Promotion in Rank
    4. Informational: Closing of Land Swap with Hillwood in Alliance Corridor
    5. Informational: TCC Paid Media Presence for April 2022
    6. Informational: College Accolades
    7. Informational: Recent Activities
  8. Closed Session
    The Board will conduct a closed meeting in order to discuss matters permitted by the following sections of Chapter 551 of the Texas Government Code. The Board may reconvene in open session and act on any item listed on the Executive Session Agenda in accordance with Chapter 551 of the Texas Government Code.

    1. Section 551.071, Consultation with Attorney
      To seek the advice of its attorney about pending or contemplated litigation, settlement offers, or any matter in which the duty of the attorney to the District under the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct of the State Bar of Texas clearly conflicts with the Texas Open Meetings Act.

      1. Legal issues regarding any item listed on today’s District Board Meeting agenda.
      2. Consideration of complaint filed against Dr. Giovannini.
      3. Discussion of Dr. Giovannini’s employment contract, including but not limited to potential termination, and all other appropriate action as permitted or required by law.
      4. Consideration of complaint filed by Dr. Giovannini.
    2. Section 551.072, Deliberations Regarding Real Property
      Deliberate the purchase, sale, exchange, lease or value of real property where deliberation in an open meeting would have a detrimental effect on the position of the District in negotiations with a third party.
    3. Section 551.074, Deliberations on Personnel Matters
      Deliberate appointment, employment, evaluation, reassignment, duties, discipline, or dismissal of a public officer or employee.
    4. Section 551.076, Deliberations on Security Devices or Security Audits
      Deliberate regarding the deployment, or specific occasions for implementation, of security personnel or devices.
  9. Consideration and Action on Closed Session Items
  10. Adjournment and Announcement of Next Meeting

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Posted 4:20 p.m. on March 21, 2022

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