Transitions: My coping strategies

I will admit, at first it was not easy for me. I am a routine-oriented person who likes communicating and being connected. So, while I struggled a bit on our first day working from home, I began thinking about the things that I typically did in order to enjoy my day/work. I decided to focus on the three areas that were so important to me: routine, communication and boundaries.

  • I reestablished my routine of getting ready for work (maybe no suit and tie), I exercise/walk, get ready for work, get my coffee and walk to my work area (my study). I begin my workday review my calendar and setting a “to-do list” and follow my calendar. At the end of day, I cross off my accomplishments and identify items that need follow up.
  • I ensure that I communicate with our team regularly (morning check-in, weekly group meetings and one-on-one meetings). By checking in with my teams I remain connected, and I feel that I can support their needs.
  • I have had to set boundaries in my day. Clear boundaries provide me with some sense of structure.  I start my daily routine around 7:30 – 8 a.m., I take a break mid-day and take lunch or go for a walk, and I try to end my day around 5 p.m.  While I am available to my team if they need me, I try to set my evening aside for my family and my personal needs.

It has helped to have a consistent work area and routine. Since I used to love walking around campus and checking in on the various Student Development Services areas and just talking with folks, it helps me to have regular check-in meetings. Just catching up and sharing a laugh has been so helpful. Lastly, by setting boundaries, it helps me have a structured workday and helps me focus to balance my home life.

Michael Dupont, vice president of Student Development Services for TCC Southeast, enjoys playing jazz music throughout his house and the short walk to the kitchen to pursue another enjoyment – cooking and quickly starting dinner. He loves architecture, old buildings and misses his favorite hobby – traveling.