TCC professor named to state cybersecurity committee

The Texas Cybersecurity Council has appointed TCC Southeast Associate Professor of Computer Science Charles DeSassure, D.Sc., to join its team.

DeSassure, serving a two-year-term as the community college representative, will help guide cybersecurity strategies on the council responsible for protecting technology resources in Texas. He will serve with public and private sector professionals to “position the state to meet ever-growing cybersecurity challenges,” according to the appointment letter.

“When Tarrant County College faculty serve on state-wide committees, they have the opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise with leaders across the state. In turn, they receive valuable information and updates that support teaching and learning of our students,” said TCC Southeast Vice President of Academic Affairs Zena Jackson, Ph.D. “Dr. DeSassure’s vast knowledge of cybersecurity and his role as a college professor will bring to light the importance of preparing future cyber leaders for the cybersecurity industry.”

DeSassure said he entered the cybersecurity field nearly 20 years ago when he became responsible for password management and remote authentication for a national database system. He said the field is critical to day-to-day life.

“As we continue (as much as possible) to carry on our daily activities, we use technology to help us achieve that goal. Behind the scenes, countermeasures must be put in place to protect both individual and an organization’s data,” DeSassure said. “I strongly feel that a cybersecurity degree or certificate from TCC will give students an advantage in today’s job market because technology plays a crucial role in just about all organizations today.”

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects 32 percent growth in hiring for the cybersecurity analyst role between 2018 and 2028, far outpacing the average for the other roles on this list. Since last year, the total number of job openings for a cybersecurity analyst has increased by almost 4,000.