Knitting, crocheting & exercise bring joy to seniors

The Thread Girls, residents of Sedona Village Senior Living Center, are busy perfecting their chain and slip stitches, back loop, butterfly loom, and berry and cross stitches. Why? During the cold winter months, life can be very difficult for the homeless who roam the streets by day and desperately try to keep warm by night. Together, The Thread Girls are eagerly crocheting and knitting as many hats and scarves as possible to provide a bit of comfort this winter to those in need. MHMR of Tarrant County Homeless Division will happily receive these creative works.

Self-named, The Thread Girls are participants of the TCC Loom/Crochet Senior Education class sponsored by the Trinity River Campus Office of Community Education and Engagement. The class was originally hosted on-campus and the CEE staff determined the demographic location in downtown Fort Worth might be a challenge to those who are unfamiliar with the area.

Exercise for seniors

In an effort to expand services, the Senior Education program branched out to the Sedona Village Senior Living Center to serve this population. In addition to the TCC Loom/Crochet class, the Senior Education Program provides the residents of Sedona Village with unique experiences such as Personal Finance, Spanish, and Exercise for Seniors.

For more information about the Senior Education Program, contact Waymond Stewart, Program Coordinator, at or Dr. Robert Munoz, Executive Director of Community Education and Engagement, at