TCC Board of Trustees to Meet October 24

Supporting materials for the Board meeting will be provided on the Board Meetings Web page. Once the meeting has begun, streaming video of the proceedings will also be available.

Take notice that a Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Tarrant County College District will be held in the District Offices, 1500 Houston Street, Fort Worth, Texas, 76102, commencing at 6 p.m. on Thursday, October 24, 2019, to consider and act on the following Agenda:


  1. Call to Order
  2. Public Comment/Special Presentation (No presentation shall exceed three minutes.)
  3. Board Action Items and Board Business Related Items
    1. Approval of Minutes of the Meeting:
      1. September 19, 2019
      2. October 10, 2019
  4. Trustee/Committee Reports
    1. Governance
    2. Audit & Finance
    3. Trustee Activities
  5. Consideration and Approval of South Campus Health and Physical Education Building Bleachers Replacement Contract with Game Court Services
    Amount: $153,175.00
  6. Consideration and Approval of District Staff relocations Project Phase IIB Design Contract with Bennett Benner Partners
    Amount: $1,562,326.49 (Not to Exceed)
  7. Consideration and Approval of Erma C. Johnson Hadley Northwest Campus Center of Excellence for Aviation, Transportation and Logistics HVAC Replacement Phase I Related Contracts
    Amount: $960,274.70 (Not to Exceed)

    • TD Industries (Mechanical Installation) $420,067.28
    • TD Industries (Electrical Installation) $127,057.08
    • Trevino Group (General Contractor) $413,150.34
  8. Consideration and Approval of Northwest Campus Re-Development Design Contract Phase IIA with Huckabee, Inc.
    Amount: $13,000,000.00 (Not to Exceed)
  9. Consideration and Approval of Contract Award for Development of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan (BC/DRP) with Ankura Consulting Group, LLC
    Amount: $196,500.00
  10. Consideration and Approval of Contract Renewal of IBM Storage Power Support Maintenance with Sirius Computer Solutions, Inc.
    Amount: $154,592.51
  11. Consideration and Approval of Three (3) Year Renewal Agreement of Cisco SmartNET Software Support Maintenance with SHI International Corporation
    Amount: $995,915.80 ($331,971.93 annually)
  12. Consideration and Approval of Contract Award with Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Multiple Firms for Information Technology Consulting and Staffing Partnership to Support with IT Project Plan
    Amount: $2,000,000.00 (Not to Exceed)
  13. Consideration and Approval of Contract Renewal for Online Test Proctoring and Authentication Services with
    Amount: $225,000.00
  14. Consideration and Approval of the Purchase of a Ferrara Cinder Pumper Fire Truck from Lone Star Emergency Group for Firefighter Training Program at Northwest Campus
    Amount: $503,092.00
  15. Monthly Financial Report
    1. Financial Summary Update
    2. Review of Income and Expenditures
    3. Review of Investment Portfolio
  16. Chancellor’s Report
    1. New Staff Member Introductions
    2. Campus Accolades
    3. Recent Activities
      • September 24, George Popstefanov-PMG, and Robert Ahdieh-Texas A&M School of Law, PMG
      • September 24, Colonel Kenny Weldon and Alex del Carmen-Tarelton State University, MOC
      • September 25-28, AACC Pathways 2.0 Project Institute, New Orleans
      • September 29, -Remarks- TCC Police Department Annual Picnic NE
      • September 30, NACCE Presentation Planning Session for ACCT Leadership Conference, MOC
      • September 30, Trey Yelverton-City of Arlington, Arlington
      • September 30, -Presenter- Community Education Meeting, NE
      • October 1, Investors Council Meeting, FW Chamber
      • October 1, Brandom Gengelbach-FW Chamber Tour of TCC Facilities, TREC/SO
      • October 1, -Presenter- College Visits, SE
      • October 1, Mayor Jeff Williams-Arlington Conference Call, MOC
      • October 1, -Presenter- Community Education Meeting, SE
      • October 2, Mayor Pat McGrail-Keller, Bear Creek
      • October 2, -Presenter- College Visits, SO
      • October 2, -Presenter- Community Education Meeting, SO
      • October 3, -Presenter- College Visits, Connect
      • October 3, -Panelist- Mayor’s Roundtable Discussion, Catholic Charities
      • October 3, NACCE Executive Committee Meeting Conference Call, MOC
      • October 4, FW Hispanic Chamber, TR
      • October 4, James Hurley and Kyle McGregor-Tarleton State, FW Club
      • October 4, Trustee Conrad C. Heede, MOC
      • October 4, -Remarks- Kenya Ayers Welcome Reception, Hurst CC
      • October 7, Janet Hahn-TCC Foundation President, FW Club
      • October 7, Gregory Marsello-LERN, Conference Call, MOC
      • October 7 -Presenter- College Visits, TR
      • October 7, -Presenter- Community Education Meeting, TR
      • October 8, -Keynote- State of the College Breakfast, City Club
      • October 8, Robert Sturns-City of Fort Worth, Guinn Bldg.
      • October 8, Trustee Kenneth Barr Campus Tours, Connect/TR
      • October 9, Bill Thornton-FW Chamber, FW Club
      • October 9, Academic Clinic Meeting/Deloitte, UNTHSC
      • October 9, Mike Berry and Tom Harris-Hillwood, Alliance
      • October 9 -Presenter- Community Education Meeting, NW
      • October10, Lillian Puente and Daphne Barlow-Boys and Girls Club of Greater Tarrant County, TCC Meet and Greet, TR
      • October 10, Janet Hahn and Karen Thoornton-TCC Foundation, FW Club
      • October 10, Board of Trustees Governance Meeting, MOC
      • October 10, -Remarks- Abrazando al Exito Event, TR
      • October 11, Kevin Harper and Daiju Hoshino-JCC, MOC
      • October 11, NACCE Board Meeting Conference Call, MOC
      • October 11-15, FW Chamber Visit to Phoenix, Phoenix
      • October 16-18, ACCT Leadership Congress, San Francisco
      • October 17, CCATT State of Texas Breakfast Meeting, San Francisco
      • October 17, -Panelist- ACCT Leadership Congress, San Francisco
      • October 19, -Host- TCC Employees Day of Fun, Sundance Square
      • October 21, Mayor Betsy Price-Fort Worth, City Hall
      • October 21, Jeremy and Kent Scribner-FWISD Conference Call, MOC
      • October 22, Betty Harvey, MOC
      • October 22, Donna NanNess-Housing Channel, MOC
      • October 22, Audit & Finance Committee Meeting, MOC
      • October 22, JCC Monthly Meeting, MOC
      • October 22, Oren Cass Presentation, MOPAC Event Center
      • October 23, -Panelist- State of Higher Education, Palmwood Center
      • October 24, Thursday Morning Breakfast Group, City Club
      • October 24, Board of Trustees Monthly Meeting, MOC
  17. Closed Session:
    The Board will conduct a closed meeting in order to discuss matters permitted by the following sections of Chapter 551 of the Texas Government Code.

    1. Section 551.071, Consultation with Attorney
      To seek the advice of its attorney about pending or contemplated litigation, settlement offers, or any matter in which the duty of the attorney to the District under the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct of the State Bar of Texas clearly conflicts with the Texas Open Meetings Act.

      1. Legal issues regarding any item listed on today’s District Board Meeting agenda.
    2. Section 551.072, Deliberations Regarding Real Property
      Deliberate the purchase, sale, exchange, lease or value of real property where deliberation in an open meeting would have a detrimental effect on the position of the District in negotiations with a third party.
    3. Section 551.074, Deliberations on Personnel Matters
      Deliberate appointment, employment, evaluation, reassignment, duties, discipline, or dismissal of a public officer or employee.
    4. Section 551.076, Deliberations on Security Devices or Security Audits
      Deliberate regarding the deployment, or specific occasions for implementation, of security personnel or devices.

    The Board may reconvene in open session and act on any item listed on the Executive Session Agenda in accordance with Chapter 551 of the Texas Government Code.

  18. Consideration and Action on Closed Session Items
  19. Adjournment and Announcement of Next Meeting
    1. Governance Meeting: November 14, 2019
    2. Board Meeting: Tuesday, November 19, 2019

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Posted 3 p.m. on October 21, 2019

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