Last Chance to Have Your Tribute Shown at Commencement

With commencement just weeks away, is there someone you would like to thank? Someone who has been your educational champion? The Tarrant County College Foundation is offering students an opportunity to publicly recognize and honor someone who has played a special role in the life of the graduate, all while making a difference in the lives of others.

Students have the option of allowing the TCC Foundation to display the tribute at commencement. Proceeds from the Student Tribute Program will support future student scholarships.

Danyella Muanza, a nursing major, believes the Student Tribute Program is a great way to honor her three young children for their ongoing support.

“I would go to work and to school, meaning I wasn’t 100 percent present,” said Muanza. “I tried to help my children understand what I was doing. Sometimes they asked why I had to leave them to go to class. It was tough. For more than two years, they sacrificed for me and my dream; now I need to honor them.”

Muanza plans to take a break before pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. “Before it starts up again, I want to spend some time with my children and catch up a little bit.”

Submit your tribute: For more information, contact the TCC Foundation at 817-515-5277.

When you make an online gift, be sure to provide the honoree’s name and contact information. The TCC Foundation can accept an email address or physical address. TCC Foundation will then send a tribute card to your educational champion (via email or physical address on the contact information received, notifying the honoree of your tribute gift. The amount of the gift will not be disclosed.  If you are transferring from TCC at the end of the semester, you can still make a gift honoring your champion.