‘Their gift made a difference’: Scholarship gives student the resources to succeed

For Tarrant County College alumna Candice Morrell, family time is a precious commodity. The mother of two and full-time accounting professional is also a full-time student, recently completing her Associate of Science in Accounting Information Management at TCC and transferring to Western Governors University (WGU) Texas. While Morrell completes her education, her husband is pursuing his own degree at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. In addition to a scarcity of family time, resources are tight.

“The financial responsibilities of all of these things can be daunting,” said Morrell.

Relief came in the form of a total stranger. Patrick Admire, a local CPA, became involved with the College many years before as a founding board member of the TCC Foundation. The TCC Foundation accepts and manages gifts from individuals, companies, trusts and foundations for the benefit of the College.

“My parents taught me that education is good, and every generation helps the next generation get better,” said Admire. “My dad didn’t get to finish the sixth grade, and my mother was also unable to finish school because she had to work to support her family—but my three sisters and I all earned college degrees.”

Admire and his wife Sondra decided to pay their good fortune forward, endowing the Patrick and Sondra Admire Family Scholarship in 2002. The scholarship provides a year of financial assistance for students studying accounting or business. For Morrell, who completed most of her coursework online through TCC Connect, the scholarship was a gamechanger.

“The Admire Family Scholarship helped me with tuition, books, and the purchase of a computer,” said Morrell. “It allowed me to ease up on my work schedule and have more time with my family and to devote to my studies.”

Admire hopes to inspire others who are able to fund TCC scholarships.

“We need those who are receiving to turn around and give back,” said Admire. “If you’re doing well, there are others who need your help.”

For that reason, the Admires ask their scholarship recipients to complete at least eight hours of community service.

“Even if it is only eight hours a semester, that’s at least eight hours of doing something to positively affect their community,” said Admire. “And hopefully it’s something they continue.”

Morrell chose to volunteer for the Tarrant Area Food Bank. She even inspired her daughter to get involved.

“We are not always able to give financially,” Morrell explained. “Being able to volunteer our time was an experience that was very rewarding and humbling.”

Since 2001, the TCC Foundation has administered $9.5 million in scholarships and assisted more than 8,800 students.

“TCC is a valuable and significant resource for our citizens, our workforce and our community’s economic development,” said David Parker, chairman of the board for the TCC Foundation. “Scholarship awards help give the gift of education—among the most valuable gifts one can possess.”

The Admires consider that gift to be beneficial for individuals and for the community as a whole.

“My theory is that we can cure any problem on the planet through education,” Admire said. “Education allows us to have a good profession, so we can support our families, make sure our kids get educated and find a way to give back. That’s what makes us successful as a community.”

Morrell has found her own success. She expects to earn her bachelor’s degree in 2020 and already puts her education to work as an accounts payable coordinator for her company.

“TCC was a firm foundation for my career and confirmed that accounting is the right path for me,” she said. “I am very fortunate and honored to be chosen for the Admire Family Scholarship.  The Admires are a blessing. I want them to know that their gift made a difference.”

To apply for scholarships or learn about opportunities for giving, visit foundation.tccd.edu.