TCC Board of Trustees to Meet September 21

FORT WORTH, Texas (September 14, 2017) Supporting materials for the Board meeting will be provided on the Board Meetings Web page. Once the meeting has begun, streaming video of the proceedings will also be available.

Take notice that a Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Tarrant County College District will be held in the District Offices, 1500 Houston Street, Fort Worth, Texas, 76102, commencing at 6 p.m. on Thursday, September 21, 2017, to consider and act on the following Agenda:


  1. Call to Order
  2. Public Comment. (No presentation shall exceed three minutes.)
  3. Board Action Items and Board Business Related Items
    1. Approval of Minutes of the Meeting:
      1. August 17, 2017
  4. Trustee/Committee Reports
    1. Lockheed Martin Visit
    2. South Campus 50th Anniversary Celebration
  5. Consent Agenda
    1. Consideration and Approval of Construction Manager at Risk Delivery Method for Two Space Renovation Projects both to be located on the Trinity River Campus West Fork Tower
      1. Texas Academy of Biomedical Sciences High School
      2. Pending Academic Partnership
  6. Consideration and Approval of Items removed from Consent Agenda
  7. College Presentation
  8. City of Arlington Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone #6 Presentation
  9. Consideration and Approval of Contract with Facilities Solutions Group, Inc. for Installation of Electrical Distribution System Upgrade Phase II on the Northeast Campus Amount: $2,180,956.52
  10. Consideration and Approval of Contract with Insight Public Sector to Consolidate Authentication Solutions Amount: $289,974.00
  11. Consideration and Approval of Annual Renewal of Ellucian Colleague Software Amount: $630,594.00
  12. Consideration and Approval of Elsevier Nursing Examination Preparation Amount: $109,350.00
  13. Consideration and Approval of Annual Subscription Renewal of Ex Libris Alma/Promo Software Amount: $177,454.81
  14. Consideration and Approval of Annual Renewal of McAfee Protection Software from SHI Amount: $133,965.36
  15. Monthly Financial Report
    1. Financial Summary Update
    2. Review of Income and Expenditures
    3. Review of Investment Portfolio
  16. Chancellor’s Report
    1. New Staff Member Introductions
    2. Accolades
    3. Recent Activities
      • August 18, Brinton Payne-ACEC, Russell Killen Board President, Rosa Navejar-The Rios Group, FW Club
      • August 18, -Remarks- New Faculty Luncheon, Trinity River Campus
      • August 21, Kay Higgins-TCU, FW Club
      • August 22, Northside Community Health Center Groundbreaking, North Texas Area Health Center
      • August 22, Former Mayor Mike Moncrief, FW Club
      • August 22, Four Day Weekend Premier Presentation, Sundance Square
      • August 23, -Speaker- Chancellor’s Employee Appreciation Breakfast & Professional Development Day, Will Rogers Memorial Center
      • August 24, Thursday Morning Breakfast Group, City Club
      • August 24, -Remarks- South Campus 3 Goals/8 Principles Visit, South Campus
      • August 24, -Remarks- TWC Check Signing with Safran Helicopter, Opportunity Center
      • August 24, Immigration Information Forum, South Campus
      • August 25, -Remarks- Trinity River Campus 3 Goals/8 Principles Visit, Trinity River Campus
      • August 28, Robert Earley-JPS Health Network, Mike Wilson, Todd Ritterbusch-Chase, Michelle Thomas-Chase, FW Club
      • August 28, Michael Bennett-Bennett Benner, FW Club
      • August 29, Melinda Hamilton-Carver Heights Neighborhood Association, May Owen Center
      • August 30, Kent Scribner-FWISD, FW Club
      • August 30, Meet and Greet Tour Alcon Facility, Alcon Labs
      • August 31, City of Fort Worth Economic Development Strategic Plan Committee and Leadership Team, Southside Community Center
      • September 1, NACCE Conference Call, May Owen Center
      • September 6, Craig Harbuck and Scott Smith-Higginbotham, May Owen Center
      • September 6, State of the County Luncheon, Worthington Hotel
      • September 6, Health Science Facilities Tour Doricelys Martinez-Cuidado Casero Foundation
      • September 7, Morning with Mayor Jeff Williams, Arlington Chamber of Commerce
      • September 7, -Remarks- TCC Connect Campus Visit, TCC Connect Campus
      • September 8, -Remarks- Northwest Campus 3 Goals/8 Principles Visit, Northwest Campus
      • September 8, Southeast Campus Visit, Southeast Campus
      • September 8, -Speaker- National American University Doctoral Program
      • September 12, Lockheed Visit and Tour, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
      • September 12, Project Maverick Lunch, Capital Grille and Tour TCC Alliance
      • September 13, Tour of Eagle Mountain Saginaw ISD Hollenstein Career and Technology Center
      • September 13, Board of Trustees Governance Meeting, May Owen Center
      • September 13, -Remarks- Men of Color Scholars Program Kick-Off, South Campus
      • September 13, Thursday Morning Breakfast Group, City Club
      • September 13, All College 3 Goals/8 Principles Visit, Trinity River Campus
      • September 13, -Remarks- Northeast Campus 3 Goals/8 Principles Visit, Northeast Campus
      • September 14, Steve Smiley and Shereah Taylor, Northeast Campus
      • September 15, NACCE Executive Committee Meeting Conference Call, May Owen Center
      • September 15, Downtown Rotary, FW Club
      • September 18, Kent Scribner-FWISD, Marcelo Cavazos-AISD, FW Club
      • September 19,Chauncy Lennon-Workforce Challenges and Opportunities, Chase
      • September 19, Councilman Brian Byrd, FW Club
      • September 19, JCC Monthly Meeting, May Owen Center
      • September 20, Talent Development Units, FW Chamber
      • September 20, Mike Eastland-NCTCOG, Arlington
      • September 20, Mayor Betsy Price, Rosa Navejar-Rios Group, Trustee Teresa Ayala, City Hall
      • September 20, -Remarks- TCC Foundation Board Meeting
      • September 20, North Texas LEAD Reception, GM Financial
      • September 21, North Texas Commission Annual Luncheon, Irving Convention Center
      • September 21, Board of Trustees Monthly Meeting, May Owen Center
  17. Closed Session:
    1. Deliberation Real Property, Section 551.072, Texas Government Code. The Real Property discussion will address the purchase, exchange, lease or value of Real Estate.
    2. Deliberation on Personnel Matters, Section 551.074, Texas Government Code. The Deliberation will include discussion on the Chancellor’s Annual Performance Evaluation and 2017-2018 Goals, Contract and salary.
    3. Consultation with Attorney, Section 551.071, Texas Government Code. For purposes of a private consultation with Board’s Attorney on any subjects or matters authorized by law. The deliberation will include any Pending/Contemplated Litigation.
  18. Consideration and Action on Closed Session Items
  19. Adjournment and Announcement of Next Meeting:
    1. Governance Meeting: October 12, 2017
    2. Board Meeting: October 19, 2017

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Posted 10:45 a.m. on September 14, 2017

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